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We cannot predict the future, but we can prepare for a future that is increasingly unpredictable. With creativity, courage, and the power to get things done, we are preparing to master tomorrow’s challenges with today’s innovations.

Augmented reality has arrived in the operating room

Portrait of MD Muhannad Alkassar

Artificial intelligence helps physicians make more informed decisions

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare

Prof. Ralf Bauer, partner at RNS Gemeinschaftspraxis Wiesbaden

We are working hard to provide the best possible support to healthcare professionals in the fight against COVID-19

Treating COVID-19 patients in a hospital

Bernd Montag

It’s not just about reinventing technology – it’s also about making it accessible

Modern labs receive patient samples from many different facilities. They rely on automation to mitigate the impact of this variation. With expertise in the field of machine vision, Benjamin Pollack and his team at Siemens Healthineers are improving automation. They deploy artificial intelligence and deep learning to greatly reduce the failure rate of automated in vitro diagnostics.

Benjamin Pollack