The data conductor

In order to develop artificial intelligence (AI) for use in medical technology, our research scientists need one thing above all: colossal quantities of all kinds of correct and secure medical data. Ren-Yi Lo, Head of our Big Data Office, is in charge of collecting, preparing, and organizing these data. So, what does all that have to do with music? Learn that and more in part six of our #Futureshaper series.

Katja Gäbelein
Published on March 6, 2023

A "data lake" is, in principle, exactly what the term suggests: a giant "lake" of semi-structured data. Based in Princeton, New Jersey, USA colleague Ren-Yi Lo manages one such data lake together with her international team. 

Photograph portrait of from Ren-Yi Lo taken from behind her. She stands on the shore of a lake, looking to her left, smiling.

The quality of the data is decisive

Big data: Invisible, yet essential

Portrait of a smiling Ren-Yi Lo.

The right data cohorts

Complex standardized process

Graphical representation of the data lifecycle process with its three superordinate steps "Develop new partners", "Ingest data", and "Manage data".

Anonymization is essential

Sherlock, the AI supercomputer

The big opportunities of digital models

By Katja Gäbelein

Katja Gäbelein works as an editor in corporate communications at Siemens Healthineers, and specializes in technology and innovation topics. She writes for text and film media. 

Assistant editor: Guadalupe Sanchez