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Bringing care to everyone, everywhere.

Access to essential healthcare is a human right and is at the foundation of growing a healthy, economically viable society with lasting social structures.

Our ambition

<p>With at least 50% of the world’s population having no access to safe, affordable, and timely healthcare services, delivering healthcare is an urgent task. As a leading medical technology company, it is our responsibility to make quality and affordable healthcare accessible and available to all. By supporting low- and middle-income countries increase access to healthcare, we also contribute to Universal Health Coverage and acceleration of global development, helping countries to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030<sup>2</sup>.</p>

Bernd Montag

<p>We aspire to create better outcomes and experiences for patients, no matter where they live. Many families in low- and middle-income countries, especially in remote areas, have limited access to healthcare and to diagnosis and treatment. Challenges include restricted capacities in infrastructure and human resources, and ineffective referral and transportation of samples. There are large discrepancies between when and where care can be accessed both within and between countries. When access is limited, it can create a dangerous and costly cycle in which late diagnosis and therapy lead to suboptimal health outcomes.</p>

Elisabeth Staudinger (Member of the Board)

<p>Therefore, we are providing end-to-end solutions, from screening and diagnosis to therapy and follow-up, for better management of infectious and <a href="non-communicable%20diseases%20(NCDs)">non-communicable diseases (NCDs)</a> like cancer, stroke, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, among others. Our solutions help countries healthcare providers increase access for patients and address challenges around affordability, availability, and acceptability.</p>
How tech can help low-income countries manage noncommunicable diseases Elisabeth Staudinger, managing board member at Siemens Healthineers, spoke with Devex about the potential of technology to prepare health systems for their shift toward more prevention and management of NCDs.
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<p>In combination with our comprehensive portfolio, we provide <a href="tailor-made%20capacity-building%20solutions" id="isPasted">tailor-made capacity-building solutions</a>, from customized learning and flexible financial solutions to remote engagements and AI-based services to overcome local challenges.&nbsp;</p>
While the pandemic worsened existing health care challenges, it also demonstrated the potential of digital solutions to improve the sustainability of health services. Tisha Boatman emphasized the need to embrace and invest in innovation in this Devex article.
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<p>Today’s healthcare challenges cannot be solved by a single organization alone. Partnering with governments, multilateral organizations and NGOs allows us to bring comprehensive and sustainable solutions to address healthcare gaps and build resilient health systems. Partnerships with organizations like <a href="" target="_blank">Movement Health Foundation,</a> <a href="/press/releases/unicef-partnership">UNICEF</a>, <a href="">The Global Fund,</a> <a href="/perspectives/expanding-radiology-in-developing-nations">Radiology Across Borders</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">City Cancer Challenge</a> and <a href="">World Economic Forum</a> are critical to address the needs of the most vulnerable communities. These strong partners play a significant role in accelerating global health by building capacity, delivering health programs and strengthening health systems. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of people everywhere.</p>

Healthcare: A global challenge
Healthcare: A global challenge
Learn about burden of non-communicable diseases like cancer and heart disease in low- and middle-income countries. Hear about new ways to improve access to care in these countries and learn how the World Economic Forum and the City Cancer Challenge Foundation push for meaningful change.