Sales Partner Program

What is Team One?
A partner program that goes beyond recognition and benefits. It's a mutual investment in our business relationship, so that we can seize opportunities for growth in radically changing markets together as one Team.
Why join the team?

Access a variety of targeted offerings in training, marketing, sales and management, helping you to expand your companies skills, increase your reputation and ultimately grow your business

Do the online assessment

Why join the team?

Do the 15 minutes online assessment to become a partner. Once certified you are entitled to engage at one of our two levels of partnership. Your commitment and contributions to Team Siemens Healthineers will be rewarded with increasingly valuable benefits.

The Benefits - Accelerating business through valuable offerings

Team One enables you to turn potential into performance with valuable offerings customized to your regional needs. Benefits and offerings are exemplary, global availability may vary by country. Once your assessment is concluded and you have become a partner of Siemens Healthineers, your partner manager can provide more information.

US location


  • Sales Partner Experience Week
  • Authorized co-branding
  • Top Sales Rep participation in major conference
  • Participation in R&D roundtable discussions
US location


  • Access to Value-Based-Sales trainings

  • Online access to Marketing Portal – Team Site
  • Insights on competition and positioning
  • Joint visits at clinical site

US location


  • Clinical experts for your customer workshop
  • Additional discounts on Demo Unit purchases
  • Configuration and support tools
  • Piloting product rollouts

What our Sales Partners think about us...


of our Partners work with us more than 4 years


of our Partners feel supported from us to identify market opportunities


see our future technology ideas as valuable

Mike Cassling - CEO of Cassling