teamplay Fleet
Streamline your fleet management. Optimize your asset performance.

Tablet, smartphone and monitor with teamplay Fleet dashboard showing status of your equipment and teamplay Data.

teamplay Fleet is a teamplay digital health platform solution that enables you to streamline the management of your fleet from Siemens Healthineers and to optimize your asset performance holistically, 24/7, and from any browser capable device. With its broad range of features, teamplay Fleet offers you a clear overview of your equipment data, helping to maintain and optimize your asset performance while keeping your equipment cybersecure and allowing you to make sound decisions about the future of your fleet.

teamplay Fleet - View - icon

teamplay Fleet View

Holistic fleet overview and specific equipment information
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teamplay Fleet - Maintenance - icon

teamplay Fleet Maintenance

Manage and plan your equipment performance
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teamplay Fleet - Cybersecurity - icon

teamplay Fleet Cybersecurity

In-depth cybersecurity reports and access to software updates
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teamplay Fleet - Evolution - icon

teamplay Fleet Evolution

Evaluate your options and upgrade your capabilities
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teamplay Fleet View - save time by having the detailed equipment data you need at hand to make informed decisions at any time, across all your institutions


teamplay Fleet Maintenance - provide excellent patient care by optimizing the usage of your assets through efficiently managed and planned equipment performance


teamplay Fleet Cybersecurity - protect your patients’ data and your reputation by keeping your equipment up-to-date


teamplay Fleet Evolution - make sound decisions on your future portfolio investments based on detailed knowledge of the options or upgrades available for your equipment

teamplay Fleet Hub – streamline your fleet management by connecting your equipment and service information from teamplay Fleet with select service management software solutions

“teamplay Fleet2 gives us so many details on our installed equipment. One example is the possibility to get a quick overview on the age, so when the installation date was. With this information, we can provide a much more precise estimative of the depreciation value. This helps us to provide a more accurate reporting to our shareholders.” José Ricardo Silveira Pereira, General Manager of Engineering, ALLIAR Médicos a frente

2) formerly LifeNet

teamplay Fleet is part of the teamplay performance management applications to amplify your fleet management:

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