How we innovate

Backed by an annual research and development investment of €1.5 billion and about 24,000 technical intellectual property rights, including more than 15,000 granted patents, we constantly bring breakthrough innovations to market – for the benefit of patients, medical professionals, and society. Here's how we do that.

Peter Schardt

Driving the digital transformation of healthcare

<p>Digital technologies will play an increasingly important role in addressing three of the great challenges in healthcare: improving access and quality of care while minimizing costs.&nbsp;</p>

Advances in smart devices and software solutions will transform future medicine and healthcare systems by connecting elements that are separate today.

As a leading global medical technology company, we are shaping the digital transformation of healthcare. <br><br>We’re researching and developing its core technologies: <ul><li>Artificial intelligence</li><li>Automation and robotics</li><li>Sensing</li></ul>

Innovating for impact

<p>Innovation only acquires value and significance when it’s made useful for people. More than 70 percent of clinical decisions worldwide are made with <a href="our technology" class="cp-fab-text-highlight" data-ste-link-id="3929863130.on/cp-text-image-b1cbb15a:2527454816.our technology:0641923629">our technology</a><sup>1</sup>. Our company has the framework to create a product from an invention that can then be mass-produced and eventually be made available to help people around the world.</p>
With our comprehensive portfolio – from in-vitro diagnostics and best-in-class imaging to therapy and follow-up care – we address the complete care continuum for many of the world’s most threatening diseases.

Peter Schardt

CTO Peter Schardt on Connected Intelligence

People are key

We focus on precision medicine, and the key to our innovations is our people. Without passion, the best ideas won’t fly. Innovation needs bright minds who are willing to put all their creativity and courage into their projects.
Our global research and development operations employ 9,000 engineers, physicians, medical IT specialists, medical technicians, physicists, programmers, and software developers. Their inspiration and teamwork are crucial for the future of healthcare. <br><br>

Want to innovate with us?

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Collaboration is key

<p>Our R&amp;D wouldn’t be possible without our partners and approximately 4,400 clinical collaborations worldwide.&nbsp;</p>

Peter Schardt