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Welcome to Siemens Healthineers Experience Center

Enter the world of Siemens Healthineers and experience first-hand who we are: our company, our solutions, our roots.

Be inspired by the welcoming atmosphere at Siemens Healthineers Experience Center. Explore how we enable healthcare providers to increase value by empowering them on their journey towards expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, and improving patient experience, all enabled by digitalizing healthcare. You’ll also learn more about our innovations and have the opportunity to talk to our experts.

Do you work in a healthcare environment? Are you interested in visiting us or participating in a virtual session? Then please get in touch with your local sales representative for more information. Read our guidelines on visiting us during the COVID-19 pandemic here. 

Key facts and figures about Siemens Healthineers Experience Center


In April 2017, Siemens Healthineers Experience Center first opened its doors to visitors.


More than 10,000 visitors per year undertake an inspiring journey at Siemens Healthineers Experience Center in Forchheim and Erlangen*
*average no. of visitors / fiscal year 2018 and 2019


Over 50 products & solutions from the portfolio of Siemens Healthineers can be experienced first-hand at Siemens Healthineers Experience Center.

A true experience of Siemens Healthineers

A visit to our headquarters in Germany will provide you with inspiring insights into our portfolio and our company and will introduce the people behind our exciting offerings. Explore more at Siemens Healthineers Experience Center.

Digital health solutions

Imaging, therapy, and laboratory diagnostics portfolio

Service offerings

Innovation history

  1. Digital health solutions

    Dive into our digital health offerings to find out how we support operational, clinical, and shared decision-making along the patient pathway. Learn about streamlining operations management, discover how artificial intelligence assists in diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making, and explore our solutions to connect care teams and patients.

  2. Imaging, therapy, and laboratory diagnostics portfolio

    We present highlights of our product portfolio along the patient pathway, from prevention through to diagnosis, therapy, and follow-up care. Be inspired and get hands-on experience of our extensive portfolio: You can operate our systems yourself, talk to our experts for detailed answers to all your questions, and learn more about our solutions.

  3. Service offerings

    Learn about our services and how we as a trusted partner help ensure systems are performing properly, staff are trained, and processes optimized. 

  4. Innovation history

    Are you interested in learning more about one of our founders? Our history area traces the roots of Siemens Healthineers. See a selection of historical exhibits and find out how our groundbreaking innovations influenced medical technology from the early beginnings of our company history.

How to find us

Experience Center
  • Leave the A73 at the Forchheim-Süd exit.
  • Turn left onto the B470 toward Rothenburg.
  • At the traffic lights, turn right onto Äußere Nürnberger Straße.
  • After 200 meters, turn left onto Simon-Hegele-Straße.
  • Drive through the gate and take a sharp right onto Siemensstraße.
  • Follow the signs onsite to the visitors parking lot.

Have a safe trip! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Download directions to Siemens Healthineers Experience Center in Forchheim (map).

Are you planning to visit Siemens Healthineers in Erlangen after your visit to Forchheim?
Download driving directions from Siemens Healthineers Experience Center to Siemens Healthineers in Erlangen
(map Headquarter, map MR Experience Center).

Visiting Siemens Healthineers Experience Center during the COVID-19 pandemic

We care about your health and take our responsibility for your safety seriously. This is why we ask you to follow these guidelines during your visit:

Experience Center

Wash your hands
Please wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If handwashing is not possible, please use hand sanitizer instead.

Experience Center

Cover your coughs and sneezes
Please cough or sneeze into your elbow, or cover your mouth with a disposable paper tissue.

Experience Center

Keep your distance
Please maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters from other people. Wear a mask in any situation where you are less than 1.5 meters from other people for more than 15 minutes.

Experience Center

Avoid contact
Please avoid shaking hands or other greeting rituals that involve physical contact.

Global representation of Siemens Healthineers Experience Centers and showrooms

Besides the flagship Siemens Healthineers Experience Center at our headquarters in Germany, we have other centers around the globe – each one representing the specific focus of our portfolio in their region.

The map below provides an overview of where our Siemens Healthineers Experience Centers and showrooms are located and what they offer.

To arrange a visit to an Experience Center or showroom, please contact your local Siemens Healthineers sales representative.









  1. Issaquah

    Experience customized, live, virtual and one-on-one presentations with senior leaders and technology experts tailored to address our customers´ unique needs and objectives. Siemens Healthineers Ultrasound Experience Center is a highly interactive, modern customer space that includes a complete clinical suite. The Experience Center tells the story of ultrasound innovations at Siemens Healthineers, showcases the current product and solution portfolio, and engages customers in a dialogue about their challenges and ways in which our innovative solutions can help.

    Siemens Healthineers Ultrasound Experience Center
    Siemens Medical Solutions, USA, Inc.
    22010 SE 51st St
    Issaquah, WA 98029
    United States of America

  2. Norwood

    Our Siemens Healthineers Point of Care Experience Center is located in Norwood, MA, USA. It features our point-of-care portfolio in professional settings, including a physician’s office, emergency department, and lab, all connected by our informatics solutions. Adjacent to the demonstration area is an executive conference space.

    Siemens Healthineers Point of Care Experience Center
    POC Global Headquarters
    2 Edgewater Drive
    Norwood, MA, 02062
    United States of America

  3. Glasgow

    Siemens Healthineers Solutions Center is located at the Glasgow Site in Newark, Delaware. This center showcases our comprehensive portfolio of performance-driven in vitro diagnostic solutions.

    Siemens Healthineers Solutions Center
    500 GBC Drive
    Newark, Delaware 19702
    United States of America

  4. Eschborn

    Our Siemens Healthineers Experience Center in Eschborn, Germany focuses on laboratory diagnostics. Experience how the Atellica portfolio and additional in vitro diagnostic solutions help you to focus on your clinical and economic outcomes.

    Siemens Healthineers Experience Center Eschborn
    Ludwig-Erhard-Straße 12
    65760 Eschborn

  5. In the Atellica showroom in Zurich, we present some of our laboratory diagnostics and point-of-care products.

    Siemens Healthcare AG
    Freilagerstrasse 40
    8047 Zurich

  6. Experience Center

    Siemens Healthineers Experience Center in Forchheim, Germany, gives you an exciting opportunity to discover our technologies and their applications, as live and virtual demonstrations. From IT and reading solutions to imaging, therapy and laboratory innovations, our showroom provides an inspiring insight into our company.

    Siemens Healthineers Experience Center
    Siemensstraße 3
    91301 Forchheim

  7. Erlangen

    Our Siemens Healthineers Magnetic Resonance Experience Center is located in Erlangen, Germany. It focuses on our magnetic resonance imaging portfolio, offering customer presentations as well as live and virtual demonstrations of our MRI systems and solutions.

    Siemens Healthineers Magnetic Resonance Experience Center
    Karl-Schall-Straße 6
    91052 Erlangen

  8. Shenzhen

    Visit our Siemens Healthineers Experience Center Shenzhen to discover our magnetic resonance and advanced therapies solutions in Shenzhen, China. The hands-on exhibits include a Virtual Reality Experience and a Digital Twin Experience.

    Siemens Healthineers Experience Center Shenzhen
    Gao Xin Zhong Er Dao
    518057 Shenzhen