AI-Rad Companion Chest CT
More accurate and faster image interpretation through AI-assisted medical diagnosis

AI-Rad Companion Chest CT
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AI-guided chest CT reading process

AI-Rad Companion Chest CT1 is an AI-powered radiology assistant that supports you by performing automatic measurements and preparing the results in the form of valuable clinical images, quantifications, and medical reports. Through AI-powered algorithms, the AI-Rad companion assists you in your daily clinical routine by undertaking repetitive and time-consuming image recognition tasks, so you can work at the top of your license.

Furthermore, the AI-Rad Companion Chest CT comes with the following features:

  • Vendor neutrality – process chest CT examinations from different vendors²
  • Multi-organ interpretation – major chest organs are checked by the algorithms

Increasing workload and less time for interpretation

Increasing numbers of exams requiring evaluation

In many countries, the number of CT and MRI exams is skyrocketing, while the number of radiologists and imaging specialists is not keeping up with the trend.

The result is a dramatically increased workload for radiologists.

Higher error rates caused by shortened turnaround time

Recent studies show that cutting radiologists’ interpretation time in half increases the interpretation error rate by 16.6%.3

Clinical Outcomes

AI-Rad Companion may help you to increase precision and speed up your workflow

We developed the AI-Rad Companion to help you cope with a growing workload to be able to focus on complex clinical cases. With its deep learning algorithms, AI-Rad Companion automatically highlights abnormalities, characterizes anatomies, and compares results to reference values.

Discover how AI-Rad Companion supports you as a full-time radiology expert


1510(k) pending. This information about this product is preliminary. It is under development, not commercially available, and its future availability cannot be ensured.

2Tested and validated for DICOM Images from CT scanners of Siemens Healthineers, GE Healthcare and Philips Healthcare.

3Berlin L. Faster Reporting Speed and Interpretation Errors: Conjecture, Evidence, and Malpractice Implications.