The liquid gold of MRI

Saving resources is crucial. But how can medical imaging contribute to sustainability?

Doreen Pfeiffer
Published on 4. März 2021

It’s lighter than air and allows balloons to take flight effortlessly. Divers use it as an additive in their gas tanks to combat “rapture of the deep,” a narcosis-like state that occurs while diving below a certain depth. We’re talking about helium. This fascinating element also plays a vital role in magnetic resonance imaging.

Extreme cold is the key

MRI imaging brain

A deep dive in MRI technology

Liquid gold

A quantum leap in MRI

Conventional cooling and DryCool technology in comparison
New technologies simplify the installation of an MRI. Where a crane would otherwise have been used, future systems will be brought to their destination much more easily.

By Doreen Pfeiffer
Doreen Pfeiffer is an editor at Siemens Healthineers.