Artificial intelligence supports clinicians in reading brain images

A new software helps radiologists view, analyze, and evaluate brain images.

Panagis Galiatsatos
Published on June 22, 2021

In Greece, as in other countries, there is an increase of neurodegenerative diseases, predominantly Alzheimer’s Disease – mainly because of the aging population.[1] Although it is the neurologist who is responsible for the diagnosis, radiology is playing an increasingly important role. This is manifest in the work of radiologist Andreas Papadopoulos, MD, PhD, scientific coordinator at Iatropolis Medical Group, who has come to appreciate the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Iatropolis Halandri, Athens, Greece
MRI scan of the brain

Andreas Papadopoulos

A big benefit is the software providing an objective framework on which one can base a subjective assessment during an examination.

By Panagis Galiatsatos
Panagis Galiatsatos is a newspaper and radio journalist based in Athens, Greece, and is familiar with the field of health economics, among others.