Think local. Act globally.

What is needed to achieve global health?

What does "global health" mean?

Everyone has their own ideas about "global health," yet some key aspects can be identified that can define the term. The focus is on the impact of an increasingly globalized world on health. These include social inequalities due to international trade, transmission of diseases through travel, and effects of climate change. 

At the same time, the term is oriented toward access to healthcare for all, with a particular focus on vulnerable and underprivileged populations.[1] In short, health is not only a personal right, but above all a human right and concerns everyone.

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Scalable healthcare


Ultimately, in the context of global healthcare, we are as strong as the most vulnerable of us - the pandemic taught us that.

Digital technology


Stable healthcare is not established in all parts of the world. Particularly hard-to-reach regions and target groups have insufficient access to healthcare - if any at all.



In addition to high-tech products and solutions for global networking of healthcare professionals, it is above all the people themselves who can transform healthcare.

Global healthcare dialogue

To create safe, global healthcare and ensure access to it, it is not enough to work only locally.

World Health Summit 2021 policy

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