The telehealth revolution

Prior to the pandemic, physicians and patients alike vastly preferred face to face visits to deal with a health problem. Over the past year, the efficiency and value of virtual meetings have transformed society, the workplace, and healthcare alike.

Chris Kraul
Published on 17. Juni 2021

Saving time and hospital beds

Elisa Aranda, MD, Pediatrician

Gonzalo Grebe, CEO

A mainstreaming of virtual visits


In interviews with specialists from 13 countries, experts considered overwhelmingly that telemedicine services have had a positive impact on care already prior to COVID-19.[3]

An ideal telehealth laboratory

30 percent and rising

By Chris Kraul
Chris Kraul, a former foreign political correspondent with the Los Angeles Times, is now a freelance writer based in Bogota, Colombia, specializing in healthcare and energy topics.