Point-of-care testing

The right diagnosis at the right time

The increasing use of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin testing is helping heart attack patients get the care they need more quickly while also reducing pressure on emergency departments.

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Sameh Fahmy
Published on September 28, 2021

In many cases, the chest pain, shortness of breath and nausea strike suddenly and dramatically. Other times, patients experience a milder feeling of pressure or fullness in the chest that comes and goes. 

Causes of chest pain
Waiting for troponin I test results
When ruling out a potential myocardial infarction, every minute spent waiting on test results comes at a cost.
Leading causes of death globally
Global incidence of cardiovascular disease

By Sameh Fahmy
Sameh Fahmy, MS, is an award-winning freelance medical and technology journalist based in Athens, Georgia, USA.