There is no health without a healthy planet

Learn more about how climate change affects our health and what we as a company are doing to help tackle it.

5 min
Natalie Minnert and Markus Gloss
Published on April 7, 2022

Floods, forest fires, and earthquakes – natural disasters caused by human-made climate change. Forest burning, crops drying up, and huge swaths of land being flooded. Media coverage of such events is steadily increasing; but the fact that climate change not only affects our environment but can also have a direct impact on human health is underrepresented in the media and public debate.[1,2] And even in the scientific community, only about four percent of publications in 2017 addressed the relationship between climate change and human health.[3]

Claudia Traidl Hoffmann

Allergies and climate change
Watch Maiya Shibasaki, PhD, Head of our Sustainability Office, talk in detail about our efforts to tackle climate change.

By Natalie Minnert and Markus Gloss
Natalie Minnert and Markus Gloss are editors at Siemens Healthineers.