Siemens Healthineers employees from India are working. Two female employees are sitting in front of a laptop, one is typing. Behind them are two male employees with VR glasses on their heads.
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Anton Ebert

Software Engineering

What do they do?
Here are some examples:
Software Developers

Develop software, review requirements and provide estimates for modules under development. They also execute software tests, present technical findings, and adhere to the software quality process.

AI/ML Software Engineers
Translate artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithms into product components, develop AI/ML tools, automate workflows for continuous learning, and ensure algorithm performance aligns with hardware specifications and performance needs.
Two female Siemens Healthineers employees from India are looking at a computer while working.

The Software Engineer experience

Hear from our team and learn about the qualities we value, our rewarding benefits and vast career opportunities.


What do they do?
Here are some examples:
IT & Operational Technology
Safeguard data, IT infrastructure, and applications from cyber threats. Utilizing a risk-based approach, they systematically implement security measures to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and swift incident response.
Product and Solution Security

Ensure that our portfolio adheres to state-of-the-art security standards, supporting project teams in development, engineering, or service to implement required product and solution security measures.

Terézia Mézešová, Cybersecurity Expert and Manager.

Portrait of Terezia, laughing

The code guardian

Find out how Terézia Mézešová makes life difficult for hackers.


What do they do?
Here are some examples:
IT Management
Drives tech innovation, manages IP, oversees IT resources, defines architecture, ensures compliance, and champions quality excellence.
Support Processes
Guarantee the availability of IT services, handling service interruptions and implementing changes.
Service Strategy
Develop strategies to serve customers, oversee their implementation, and ensure we stay competitive in the market.
Service Management
Consult, design, and implement new IT services, ensuring seamless operation and security.
Photo and quote from Stefan Henkel: "IT is responsible for digitalizing the core of our organization. We are delivering resilient technology and sound IT architecture, accelerating automation and cloudification, and improving innovation and security."