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Siemens Healthineers Streamlines Protein Testing by Adding the Atellica NEPH 630 System to its Atellica Portfolio

Published on October 18, 2017
<ul><li><b>Proven nephelometric technology provides high precision, reproducibility, and antigen-excess security for confident clinical decisions. </b></li><li><b>The broadest menu<sup>1</sup> of protein tests for multiple sample types enables labs to provide timely results on tests that have historically been sent to reference labs for processing. </b></li><li><b>Connectivity to Atellica PM 1.0 Software<sup>2</sup> and remote service<sup>3</sup> simplifies operations, minimizes hands-on time and identifies potential issues before they impact workflow. </b></li></ul><p>Siemens Healthineers announced today its Atellica NEPH 630 System<sup>*</sup> is now available to laboratories. The Atellica NEPH 630 System is a low- to mid-volume nephelometric protein testing solution that simplifies laboratory operations by unifying instrument, assay, IT connectivity and remote service disciplines to deliver advancements in protein testing.</p><p>Nephelometry is a laboratory technique used to quantify specific levels of proteins found in blood and other bodily fluids. Information on the concentration of these proteins is important in assessing and monitoring cardiovascular risk, kidney diseases, neurological disorders, nutritional status and other diseases, such as multiple myeloma. While many systems only support protein level assessment on plasma or serum, the Atellica NEPH 630 System offers the broadest menu of protein tests for assessment of urine, cerebrospinal fluid, plasma and serum, enabling enhanced quantification of certain health conditions for advanced clinical decisions.</p><p>"The Atellica NEPH 630 System combines advanced technologies and innovative assays to address the continuous pressure that labs are under to streamline workflow, improve cost efficiency, and drive better outcomes for clinicians and patients," said Franz Walt, President, Laboratory Diagnostics, Siemens Healthineers. "By combining the broadest menu of protein assays with the intelligent integration provided by Atellica Diagnostics IT, the Atellica NEPH 630 System has united clinical and workflow expertise to deliver a new level of control in protein testing."</p><p>Proven nephelometric technology provides high precision, reproducibility and pre-reaction protocols for high antigen-excess security. These are essential components for result accuracy and minimize the need for repeat testing. Because advanced antigen-excess checks, single-use cuvettes and kinetic curve displays are incorporated into the instrument, labs can report results with confidence. To accommodate different testing volumes, the Atellica NEPH 630 System offers multiple reagent package sizes, resulting in less waste for laboratories. Additionally, lot-to-lot reagent consistency ensures concordance between results, providing physicians with greater insight into the patients' disease progression. Siemens Healthineers enables healthcare providers to achieve better outcomes at lower costs by improving patient experiences with more reliable results.</p><p>The Atellica NEPH 630 System streamlines workflow with highly intelligent software for secure, smart and simple testing. The instrument's ability to integrate with the company's process-management software—Atellica PM 1.0 Software—will minimize operator intervention, while providing insight into individual and multi-site lab workflow, enabling labs to spot trends and implement process changes for enhanced clinical, financial and operational efficiencies.2 The system also connects to Siemens Remote Service to help labs minimize downtime via remote monitoring and to provide rapid, efficient technical support when needed.</p><p>To support multi-site labs, the Atellica NEPH 630 System offers result correlation with the Siemens Healthineers BN II System4. Standardized reagents and consumables across both platforms enable high-volume and multisite labs to realize significant improvements in labor efficiency and cost savings.</p><p>For further information on the Atellica NEPH 630 System,<br>please see <a href="" data-ste-link-id="1846825582.xt-image-5028fe70116bd19b:1661155230./atellica-neph-630-system:4106891354" class=""></a></p><p><a href="/press/media-gallery" class="">Link to the press pictures</a><br></p>

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