The estrogen frontier in neurodegenerative disease research

In a career spanning decade, renowned scientist Adriana Maggi has been at the forefront of research into the effect of estrogen on the central nervous system.
Bill Hinchberger
Published on 28. Oktober 2021

During that time, science’s understanding of the hormone and its role in preventing neurodegeneration has changed dramatically. Journalist Bill Hinchberger met up with Professor Adriana Maggi at her Italian retreat for an exclusive interview about her groundbreaking work.

View from Maggi’s vacation home near Genoa.
Adriana Maggi on the terrace of her Genoa vacation retreat.

Adriana Maggi being interviewed by Bill Hinchberger.

Adriana Maggi researched on the role of estrogen in neurodegenerative diseases.

Maggi looks back on a research career spanning decades.

By Bill Hinchberger
Bill Hinchberger is a Paris-based independent journalist and a former international correspondent for The Financial Times, Business Week and other media. He has contributed to The Lancet and Science.