Forging alliances to combat lung cancer

Raising awareness for the early detection of lung cancer

5 min
Kathrin Palder
Published on 8. Mai 2023

Eleanor, could you elaborate a bit on the background of the Lung Cancer Policy Network. Who is behind it, who founded it when and why?

Eleanor Wheeler

Why is Siemens Healthineers a good fit as a partner?

Lung cancer five year survival rate

What does collaboration on the Network look like and what do you hope to achieve with the current workstreams?

Lung Cancer Screening Stage Shift

Could you shed some light on impactful past projects?

What are the current challenges regarding lung cancer and how can a network like the LCPN help?

Since members contribute completely voluntarily to the workstreams and projects, is motivation a challenge to keep things going?

What is your hope for lung cancer patients around the world? Where do you see the world moving within the next, let’s say five years, and which role will the LCPN play?

By Kathrin Palder

Kathrin Palder is an editor at Siemens Healthineers.