Healthcare Perspectives

Healthcare Perspectives ist ein Podcast von Siemens Healthineers über medizinische Durchbrüche, die das Leben von Patient*innen und ihren Familien verbessern, überall auf der Welt. Die neuesten Episoden gibt es hier.

The past, present and future of MRI | Healthcare Perspectives
00:31 min
Hear about the development of the first MRI machine and the challenges faced by the inventors. You’ll learn about the improvements that have been made and the impact that they’ve had on the healthcare industry, as well as what the future holds for MRI machines.

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The secrets of CT: Photon-counting | Healthcare Perspectives
00:25 min
Listen to learn about the limitations of traditional CT scanners and how modern scanners have overcome them. You’ll also hear about photon-counting and the impact it has on image quality. Additionally, you’ll find out the role that artificial intelligence can play in sorting and analyzing the large amount of data that modern CT scanners produce.