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New training year starts at Siemens Healthineers

Published on September 18, 2018
<ul><li><b>About 120 school graduates will start vocational training or combined academic and practical degree programs this September, at sites including Erlangen, Kemnath, Rudolstadt, and Marburg. </b></li><li><b>Applications are already being accepted for the training year 2019. </b></li><li><b>Siemens Healthineers has had its own training program since April 2018. </b></li></ul><p>This September, about 120 school graduates began their vocational training or dual courses of studies which combines vocational training and academic studies in one program at Siemens Healthineers. Technical and IT professions account for the lion’s share, roughly 80 percent. Having a training program of its own is an important factor for Siemens Healthineers since this contributes to covering the high need for qualified talents and helps to further develop the company long-term. Vocational training is offered at the Erlangen, Kemnath, Rudolstadt, and Marburg sites; the dual courses of studies are offered in tandem with the universities of Erlangen/Nuremberg, Mannheim, and Paderborn. And depending on one’s field, international trainee placements within the company are also available. Participants can be assigned to various locations in Germany.</p><p>“Our company offers its own vocational training program, as well as dual courses of studies which focus specifically on the needs of the healthcare industry thanks to their practical training stints. Digitalization and Industry 4.0 are causing changes in our manufacturing processes. Our training programs, with their focus on the future, are laying the cornerstone for lifelong learning and professional development of the innovative next-generation of employees at Siemens Healthineers,” says Christina Sauer, head of training at Siemens Healthineers.</p><p>Applications are already being accepted online for the 2019 training year. Information about the individual occupations and courses of study, along with a link to the online application site, is available at <a href="" data-ste-link-id="1763537724.application/05714222:3956892406.ausbildung-duales-studium:0782084014" class=""></a> (in German only).</p><p>Siemens Healthineers has spaces in vocational training for electrical technicians in devices and systems, mechatronics technicians, industrial mechanics, specialist consultants in integrated systems, commercial office management staff, medical technology radiology assistants (MTRA), glass apparatus builders, cooks, and caterers.</p><p>Dual courses of studies represent 20 percent of the training positions in which participants study at a university and gather practical experience at the company when they’re not attending lectures. Siemens Healthineers offers openings for bachelor’s degree programs in business administration, electrical engineering, and medical device technology, mechanical engineering, business informatics, and computer science with focus on business information management.</p>

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