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Siemens Healthineers honored as one of Germany’s best employers

Published on February 27, 2020
<i>Not for publication in the USA<br></i><br><ul><li><b>The Great Place to Work® research and consulting institute awards Siemens Healthineers 2nd place in the category of companies with over 5,000 employees</b></li><li><b>Recognized for a future-oriented corporate culture marked by a strong sense of trust</b></li><li><b>Successfully certified in China, India and the United States, as well</b></li></ul><p>Siemens Healthineers has been recognized by the globally active research and consulting institute Great Place to Work® as one of Germany’s best employers in their 2020 rankings. Based on an anonymous, voluntary employee survey and a cultural audit, the company won second place among all companies in Germany with more than 5,000 employees. Great Place to Work® thereby honored the company for its future-oriented and trustful corporate culture in which employees feel they are taken seriously and appreciated. One key factor determining and affirming the satisfaction among employees at Siemens Healthineers is the shared conviction that their professional work is improving healthcare, and thereby positively contributing to society as a whole. Besides the acclaim garnered in Germany, Siemens Healthineers was also assessed to be a particularly attractive employer in China, India and the United States.</p><p>“Together with 53,000 colleagues in more than 120 countries around the globe, I’m absolutely delighted by the rating awarded Siemens Healthineers as one of the best employers in Germany. Whether employees in research and development or staff in manufacturing, customer service or sales, we’re all united by one common goal: improving the healthcare of people everywhere. It’s this passion for medicine and medical technology that drives our entire team day in and day out to strive for top performance – for healthcare providers and their patients worldwide,” declared Bernd Ohnesorge, President of the Europe, Middle East and Africa region at Siemens Healthineers who was on hand with several other colleagues to receive the prize conferred on the company at the awards evening in Berlin. “At Siemens Healthineers we want to encourage and challenge people according to their talents, skills and interests. Therefore, we’re investing in a modern education and training center at our Erlangen headquarters. There, an innovative place of learning and exchange is to be created, where we can learn even better about how best to meet the challenges and sieze the opportunities of digitalization. We thereby underscore our self-image as an innovation leader who invests in the future,” said Ohnesorge.</p><p><b>Employees know their work is meaningful and important</b><br>In the analysis conducted by Great Place to Work®, 84 percent of the employees polled rated Siemens Healthineers as an excellent employer. The shared sense that their work is meaningful and important is a particularly key factor behind this satisfaction among employees. More than 80 percent of respondents are motivated by the fact that their professional work is improving healthcare and that the company’s products contribute to bettering all of society. What’s more, the employees appreciate their excellent working conditions as well as the wide range of options available to them for flexibly balancing their working and private lives. The friendly and caring atmosphere and the positive sense of belonging – especially when integrating new colleagues – are also underscored.</p><p>Since 2002, Great Place to Work® has been assessing and ranking the quality and attractiveness of corporate workplace cultures in benchmark studies. These rankings are based on a voluntary, anonymous employee survey of key workplace topics such as trust and confidence in managers, the quality of cooperation, a sense of appreciation and of identification with the company, opportunities for career advancement, remuneration, healthcare, and work-life balance, as well as on a management-culture audit geared to analyze the company’s human resources and cultural efforts. 840 companies of all sizes and across all business sectors who had already been certified as a Great Place to Work® took part in the overall competition for “Germany’s Best Employers 2020”.</p><p>“Receiving accolades from such a trusted, reputable organization as Great Place to Work® – and not just in Germany, but in other countries with large workforces, too – is an affirmation of our commitment to further developing our work culture, and is simultaneously a mandate for the future: The more we know about how cooperation is working within our company, the easier it is for us to work continually every day to make Siemens Healthineers the attractive employer that we are today – for our longstanding employees as well as for new recruits seeking to join us,” said André Heinz, Head of Human Resources at Siemens Healthineers.</p><p><b>Important role of corporate culture in strengthening employee loyalty</b><br>Great Place to Work® believes that an attractive corporate culture is playing an increasingly key role not only in winning new recruits, but also in achieving and solidifying employee loyalty. “This fact is based in particular on two trends that have become noticeable on the labor market in recent years: On the one hand there’s a need for personally tailored career options, and on the other the desire for a value-based working atmosphere that employees can identify with,” explains Frank Hauser, Managing Director of Great Place to Work® Germany. Siemens Healthineers excels in this respect as one of Germany’s leading employers. For the employees, contributing significantly to shaping the future of healthcare is not only a meaningful mission: it also produces a strong sense of identification with the company’s values.</p><p>Establishing a corporate culture of trust and confidence that’s embraced by employees across the board is a challenge, especially for global companies. The employees in every country, at every location, and in every unit within the company have to develop a common understanding of principles and values. Siemens Healthineers meets and masters this challenge with its Healthineers principles that form the foundation for trustful and respectful collaboration, and on which the values culture as practiced is built. Appreciation and recognition take on an important role in this setting, as does a new culture of work and leadership that fosters cooperation on an equal footing and a stronger sense of personal responsibility for further development and advancement.</p><p><b>Among the top ten in Glassdoor’s rankings</b><br>The latest rankings by the international employer assessment portal Glassdoor likewise put Siemens Healthineers in the top ten across all business sectors of Germany’s best employers for 2020. In comparative analysis against other businesses, Siemens Healthineers achieved outstanding results with an average rating of 4.3 out of a maximum possible score of 5.0. Employees expressed particular appreciation for their good working conditions, high job security, and the diversity of tasks in their job scopes.<br><br><a href="" class="">Visit our career portal</a></p>

Siemens Healthineers 2020

Siemens Healthineers AG (listed in Frankfurt, Germany: SHL) is shaping the future of Healthcare. As a leading medical technology company headquartered in Erlangen, Germany, Siemens Healthineers enables healthcare providers worldwide through its regional companies to increase value by empowering them on their journey towards expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, improving the patient experience, and digitalising healthcare. Siemens Healthineers is continuously developing its product and service portfolio, with AI-supported applications and digital offerings that play an increasingly important role in the next generation of medical technology. These new applications will enhance the company’s foundation in in-vitro diagnostics, image-guided therapy, and in-vivo diagnostics. Siemens Healthineers also provides a range of services and solutions to enhance healthcare providers’ ability to provide high-quality, efficient care to patients. In fiscal 2020, which ended on September 30, 2020, Siemens Healthineers, which has approximately 54,000 employees worldwide, generated revenue of €14.5 billion and adjusted EBIT of €2.2 billion.