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Siemens Healthineers showcases new flagship ultrasound series at ECR 2023

European Congress of Radiology (ECR), March 1 – 4, 2023

Published on 1. März 2023
<ul><li><strong>Flagship series consists of the new Acuson Sequoia Crown Edition and Acuson Sequoia Select Edition&nbsp;</strong></li><li><strong>Both editions to feature new additions to platform design and display technologies&nbsp;</strong></li><li><strong>Acuson Sequoia Crown Edition is available worldwide and the Acuson Sequoia Select Edition is initially available in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand&nbsp;</strong></li><li><strong>Ultra-Derived Fat Fraction (UDFF) expands portfolio to three transducers – DAX, 9C2 and 5C1 </strong></li></ul><p>Siemens Healthineers announces the evolution of the Acuson Sequoia Flagship series at this year’s European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna. With an estimated growth rate of 6.3% to reach a value of $9.0 billion dollars by 2026<sup>1</sup>, Ultrasound is one of the fastest-growing global markets. A growing elderly population, increased incidences of chronic disorders, including non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), are making exams more complex, requiring advanced tools and technology to improve diagnostic accuracy and access to care. From large radiology departments who need to image a broad range of exam types to specialty use cases such as breast, liver and musculoskeletal (MSK), the Acuson Sequoia Flagship Series provides customers access to the most advanced technologies.&nbsp;</p><p>The expansion of this series includes the Acuson Sequoia Crown Edition<sup>2</sup> and the Acuson Sequoia Select Edition<sup>2</sup>. Both are powered by Siemens Healthineers flagship BioAcoustic Imaging architecture that delivers state of the art image enhancement and expanded applications. Furthermore, each edition includes new advancements in the platform design, display technologies, and improvements in ergonomics and workflows.&nbsp;</p><p>The Acuson Sequoia Crown Edition and Acuson Sequoia Select Edition feature a new BARCO monitor, providing highest fidelity from exam room to reading room, as well as improved quality assurance, calibration, and asset management capabilities. The improved ergonomics of both new systems include an enhanced user interface to provide access to innovations in workflow, penetration, and quantitative ultrasound.&nbsp;</p><p>The Ultrasound Derived Fat Fraction (UDFF) features are expanded on the Acuson Sequoia’s Flagship Series, offering innovative technology on three abdominal transducers, the 5C1, 9C2 and DAX, to aid clinicians in the early detection of NAFLD for nearly any patient body habitus. UDFF enables the clinician to quickly and non-invasively classify hepatic steatosis with a clear cut-off value of &gt;5%, offering a similar clinical utility compared to MRI-PDFF.&nbsp;</p><p>“The Acuson Sequoia Flagship series – the Acuson Sequoia Crown Edition and Acuson Sequoia Select Edition – continues to expand the Ultrasound family of products, demonstrating our continued commitment to innovation and providing access to care to everyone, everywhere,” says Ajay Gannerkote, President of Ultrasound, Siemens Healthineers. “The ability to offer two new editions, from our ultra-premium Acuson Sequoia Crown Edition to a customizable, scalable Acuson Sequoia Select Edition, gives clinicians more value without compromising clinical performance.”&nbsp;</p><p>The new Siemens Healthineers Acuson Sequoia Flagship Series will be showcased at the ECR, March 1-4, 2023, at the Austria Vienna Center, Main Booth in X5, Vienna.</p>

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