Siemens Healthineers visualization experts nominated for the 2017 German Future Prize

Erlangen | 2017-09-14

Published on 14. September 2017

A virtual journey through the human body

An overabundance of data from various imaging procedures, rising patient numbers, and increasing pressure on costs are just some of the challenges faced by healthcare providers. Every effort is being made to keep workflows as simple and efficient as possible to avoid losing sight of what really matters: the patient. Rapid delivery of three-dimensional results is now possible thanks to a new version of the Syngo.via diagnostic software. Syngo.via VB20 is easy to use and provides customized fast access to individual user preferences. The software assistant manages diagnostic findings to make all relevant data immediately available. A few clicks are all it takes to display the given case on the monitor, presenting photorealistic images of unprecedented clarity of the human body with the Cinematic Volume Rendering Technique (Cinematic VRT)* available on Syngo.via VB20. This type of images is already known as "Cinematic Rendering".

* Cinematic VRT is recommended for communication, education, and publication purposes and not intended for diagnostic reading

Running time: 00:10:03:00 | Year: 2017