Digitalizing Healthcare

Stop searching, start finding

Tagged objects can be located at any time. 

Published on March 22, 2021

How do I quickly find a patient transport chair that has been taken off to another department? How do I help visitors avoid roaming about in the hospital? How can I assign data from different sources to time and space and link them together?

The key to answering these and many other questions is real-time localization using RTLS technology. It is already in extensive use in industry and has now been introduced to the radiology institute of University Hospital Erlangen, Germany, as part of a pilot project.

Indoor tracking

Senior radiologist Professor Alexander Cavallaro, MD, was enthusiastic about the RTLS pilot project.

Easy localization

Stephan Kunzelmann estimates that his team spends an hour a day looking for objects.

The app displays a patient’s location in the hospital based on RTLS and the route to his/her desired destination.

One piece of hardware, multiple solutions

Valid database for the next level of AI