Reducing the toll through greater awareness

Strokes are rare in children. But when they strike, they can be devastating. Awareness and quick action can save lives and prevent lifelong disability.

Peter Jaret
Published on 9. Mai 2022

Who is at risk?

Greater awareness about the risk and signs of pediatric stroke, experts say, could reduce the toll.

What are the warning signs of pediatric stroke?

Quiz FAST signs

How are strokes diagnosed?

How are pediatric strokes treated?

How long does it take to recovery?

Today Zosia and her parents are enjoying life and exercising sports

By Peter Jaret

Peter Jaret is the author of several health-related books, including In Self-Defense: The Human Immune System, Nurse: A World of Care, and Impact: On the Frontlines of Public Health. A frequent contributor to National Geographic, The New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Health magazine, More, AARP Bulletin, and dozens of other periodicals, Jaret is the recipient of an American Medical Association award for journalism and two James Beard awards. He lives in Petaluma, California.