Lung health checks in car parks?

An idea that reduces costs and saves lives: As part of its long-term plan, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has decided to proactively invite risk groups to free cancer screenings.

Andrea Lutz
Published on May 25, 2022

The UK is showing just how simple cancer screening can be: High-risk patients are examined within a few minutes, get certainty about the state of their lung health, and don’t even have to go to the hospital. The CT scan needed for the lung check is performed in a converted motorhome in a supermarket car park – so patients can get screened on their way to the shops.

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Mobile lung cancer screening service

Professor Richard Booton, Clinical Director of Thoracic Oncology and Director of the Manchester Lung Health Check Programme at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

The project quadrupled the early diagnosis rates for lung cancer in Manchester and proved so successful that the NHS now plans to roll out the project nationally. [9]

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lung cancer screening with low-dose CT

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By Andrea Lutz
Andrea Lutz is a journalist and business trainer specialized on medical topics, technology, and healthcare IT. She lives in Nuremberg, Germany.