Digital Twin

How my digital self helped me survive cancer

Step into the future and read how Anna’s Digital Twin saved her life.

Helen Baer
Published on May 18, 2021

a digital “you” so accurately mapped to your physical self that it could be used to personalize your healthcare, to predict and even prevent disease. It’s called a Digital Twin. And in the near future it’s going to become reality. Step into the future and read about how Anna’s Digital Twin saved her life.

My cancer journey: On the way back to normal life

A Digital Twin includes individual data from genomics, vital signs, social determinants, behavioral and lab data.
Exact location of tumor lesions.
Then AI software automatically contoured the tumor. So the doctors knew exactly how big it was, where it was, and what the tissue was. The software also had to show all the surrounding organs so that they could be protected during my therapy. It’s important that only the tumor is treated, and no other organs are damaged.
Doctor using decision support software that suggests different treatment options.
A health Digital Twin stores all individual data to monitor and check the patient's health status.

By Helen Baer
Helen Baer is an editor at Siemens Healthineers.