SOMATOM go.Open ProThe future is in motion

We believe the future is in motion – and this belief shaped the development of SOMATOM go.Open Pro. This advanced CT simulator is designed to provide the right starting point to support new treatment approaches with the necessary tools to manage the individual complexities of patients. By harnessing the power of a unique detector width, improved tumor contrast and intelligent real-time breathing adaptation, it delivers exceptional clarity for confident treatment planning. This streamlined solution was created to reduce errors in a complex workflow and potentially reduce time to treatment.

SOMATOM go.Open Pro helps you expand precision medicine and make individualized therapy available to more patients. This is an advanced, intelligent CT simulator that helps you push the boundaries to fight the most challenging cancers.

Features & Benefits

  1. Direct Laser​1

    Reduce complexity and errors in patient marking

  2. DirectORGANS1

    Optimize images for consistent OAR contours

  3. Direct i4D1,4

    Reduce motion artifacts with
    intelligent 4D CT imaging​

  4. DirectBrachy positioning board1,3

    Enable your CT simulator room
    for streamlined brachytherapy

  5. DirectDensity1,2

    Personalize kV settings and
    keep a standardized workflow ​

  6. TwinSpiral Dual Energy1

    Aim for precise target delineation with two separated energy spectra​

  7. RT Table and overlay

    Accommodate patients on our 227kg or 307kg patient table1 and overlay with Varian and Elekta indexing

  8. Mobile Workflow​

    Stay close to your patients and focus on what matters

  9. iMAR1

    Reduce different types of metal artifacts

Clinical Use

We believe the future is in motion – and this belief shaped the development of SOMATOM go.Open Pro. This advanced CT simulator provides accurate, reproducible patient modeling that can break down the barriers to modern treatments and individualized care.

  • Precision medicine, curative intent, and hypofractionated treatments have enormous potential
  • Patients with cancers such as lung, liver, and head and neck cancer miss out on this potential because their cases are too challenging for existing CT systems
  • Poor-quality, imprecise information makes it especially difficult to target tumors and protect healthy tissue

Take a look behind the development of one of our latest technologies, Direct i4D1,4: The world's first 4D CT sequence that intelligently adapts to the patient's breathing in real time.  

A straightforward, all-in-one solution for successful CT simulation

The flexible, intuitive system synchronizes data across all integrated components. It operates via one user interface and requires a single vendor service contract. This means you can spend less time managing CT simulation and more time focusing on your patients – in the comfortable and calming environment that SOMATOM go.Open Pro creates for them.

Seamless and less error-prone CT simulation processes
  • Seamless and less error-prone CT simulation processes
  • Optimal image quality for target contouring
  • A comfortable and calming environment for patients, operators, and administrators


Virtual Visit Radiation Therapy

Take a virtual visit to the RT department of the University Hospital in Erlangen and gain first-hand customer insights about their experiences with SOMATOM go.Open Pro in an interactive format. 

Technical Specifications

Bore size

85 cm

Scan Field-of-View (sFoV)

60 cm

Acquired slices/reconstruction slices


Z-axis coverage

3.84 cm

Rotation time

0.351, 0.5, 1.0 s

max. table load

227/3071kg (TG-66 compliant tables)

System footprint

4 m2/43 ft2 (surface area covered by gantry and moving table top)

Min. room requirement

17.3 m2/186.2 ft2