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Varian Showcases Commitment to Embracing Innovation and Enhancing Outcomes at ESTRO 2024

ESTRO 2024, Booth Nr. 7
Published by Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company
Published on 2. Mai 2024
<ul><li>HyperSight imaging solution available on Ethos, Halcyon, Edge, and TrueBeam&nbsp;</li><li>ARIA CORE oncology management solution for more personalized care and treatment&nbsp;</li><li>Magnetom Free.Max RT Edition for personalized radiation therapy with MRI</li></ul><p>Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company, will showcase its ongoing commitment to embracing innovation and enhancing outcomes for cancer care teams and their patients at this year's 2024 European Society for Radiation Oncology (ESTRO) annual meeting, which will take place from May 3 to 7 in Glasgow, Scotland.&nbsp;</p><p>With over 24 million new cancer cases expected by 2030, accessible, high-quality cancer treatment is crucial to improving patient outcomes<sup>1</sup>. Radiotherapy is an integral part of therapeutic treatments for approximately 50% of the patients diagnosed with cancer, yet many countries have inadequate availability of radiotherapy treatment<sup>2</sup>. Varian is working in collaboration with healthcare providers to change that statistic by creating innovative and integrated solutions to help bring treatment options to those communities who need it most.&nbsp;</p><p>“As part of Siemens Healthineers, Varian is in a unique position to develop cutting-edge products and solutions that bridge the care gap globally," remarked Arthur Kaindl, Head of Varian. “By combining the expertise of the leading imaging and radiotherapy companies, we have the ability to achieve much more than any individual cancer care company by driving connection throughout the entire care continuum.”&nbsp;</p><p>At the ESTRO meeting, Varian will present a range of solutions that will enhance the care continuum, including:&nbsp;</p><ul><li>HyperSight imaging solution is now available as an optional feature on Ethos, Halcyon, Edge, and TrueBeam radiotherapy platforms. Delivering a revolution in resolution, HyperSight imaging offers superior image quality, enhanced contrast, and faster image acquisition compared to conventional Varian linear-accelerator-based imaging systems.&nbsp;</li><li>ARIA CORE, Varian’s next-generation oncology management solution, is designed to integrate oncology workflows across cancer care disciplines. ARIA CORE aims to provide care teams with actionable analytics and holistic patient insights for more personalized care and treatment.&nbsp;</li><li>DirectSetup Notes is a new, advanced tool enabled with syngo CT VB10 on Siemens Healthineers CT simulators Somatom go.Sim and Somatom go.Open Pro. DirectSetup Notes enables RT staff to document patient setup information during simulation directly on the CT scanner’s tablet, allowing RT staff to spend more time with their patients. It then transfers all recorded information directly to ARIA Core or other oncology information systems for future reference and analysis.&nbsp;</li><li>Magnetom Free.Max RT Edition is the latest addition to the Siemens Healthineers Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging portfolio for personalized radiation therapy. This new MR system allows users to experience a new level of anatomical detail, increased flexibility, and unconventional affordability due to its lower total cost of ownership than traditional MR systems.&nbsp;</li><li>The latest version of the IDENTIFY patient motion management system provides users with upgrades designed to optimize performance, increase workflow efficiency, and integrate with treatment delivery, including surface-guided radiotherapy. The IDENTIFY system aims to provide fast, highly precise motion management during the delivery of a wide range of treatments and techniques.</li></ul>

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