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Siemens Healthineers introduces Digital Therapy Suite for interventional cardiology

EuroPCR, 21-24 May 2019, Paris, France

Published on May 23, 2019
<i>Not for publication in the USA<br><br></i><ul><li><b>Artis icono cardiovascular edition is the center piece of the digitalized catheter laboratory for cardiovascular interventional therapies<br></b></li><li><b>Digital Therapy Suite helps streamline procedural workflows enabling shorter procedures with better outcomes and improved patient experience. </b></li></ul><p>At EuroPCR2019, the official annual meeting of the European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI), Siemens Healthineers is introducing its Digital Therapy Suite. The centerpiece of the Digital Therapy Suite is the new Artis icono cardiovascular edition card angiography system. The Digital Therapy Suite demonstrates how already today digitalization is able to simplify and improve procedural workflows for the full spectrum of cardiovascular interventional therapies, including coronary and structural heart interventions as well as EP procedures, with the ultimate goal in mind to improve outcomes and to increase patient experience.</p><p>The Digital Therapy Suite is characterized in particular by the fact that process steps are consistently digitalized and standardized. Medical systems from various manufacturers are integrated so that they can exchange data with the angiography system and provide physicians with additional, decision-relevant information during the procedure. Third-party applications can be loaded via the Cloud and be transmitted to the examination screen or a tablet in the catheter laboratory to assist the interventional cardiologist in diagnosis, planning and treatment. For the patients, too, the Digital Therapy Suite can offer many benefits like shorter treatment times in the catheter laboratory and a lower rate of complications.</p><p>The centerpiece of the Digital Therapy Suite from Siemens Healthineers is the Artis icono cardiovascular edition. This new angiography system was designed to reduce the complexity of cardiovascular procedures and supports a smooth integrated workflow in the catheter laboratory.</p><p>The functions brought together under “Procedural Intelligence” help standardize cardiovascular procedures and reduce the amount of manual steps required by the angiography system. The Artis icono cardiovascular edition makes use of “Case Flows” for this purpose. These are standardized presets covering many procedures, which enable to set the system in accordance with the requirements of the current stage and the user’s own preferences at the push of a button. Up to six settings can be combined in a single system interaction, enabling each processing stage to be optimized and made faster.</p><p>The number of devices and applications available to optimize activities in the catheter laboratory is constantly growing. With its “Third Party Broker,” the Artis icono cardiovascular edition provides a uniform, open interface that can be used to call up the patient’s clinical results from devices and applications from other manufacturers while intervention is in progress. The Artis icono cardiovascular edition also enables the use of integrated applications from other manufacturers in the angiography laboratory workflows. Applications for image processing or additional imaging modalities like optical coherence tomography (OCT) can be used to obtain additional information that will help make decisions on planning and performance of complex procedures while during intervention.</p><p>Via the Third Party Broker, Siemens Healthineers also creates, markets, and operates additional third-party solutions, systems, and services that can be of benefit to interventional cardiologists in the catheter laboratory. Applications from different manufacturers can be requested directly from the Siemens Healthineers Digital Marketplace and are immediately available in the angiography laboratory, either on the screen of the Artis icono cardiovascular edition or on additional devices like tablets. One example is the use of CT data in the planning of structural interventions using 3D planning software. This generates precise segmentations and plans for implants needed by the individual patient, and then sends them automatically to the catheter laboratory for use during intervention.</p><p>“Growing patient numbers, increasing complexity of surgery, and budget restrictions currently characterize the situation in interventional cardiology,” says Doris Pommi, head of cardiology at Siemens Healthineers. “With our Digital Therapy Suite at EuroPCR2019, we want to show how digitization and integration can accelerate clinical treatment pathways and provide even more decision-relevant information prior to therapy, to improve the outcome for the patients and also reduce cost pressure in cardiovascular care. Our Third Party Broker can enable physicians to benefit from innovations faster, in order to improve minimally invasive treatments.”</p>

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