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Siemens Healthineers and Hôpital Foch enter into close imaging partnership to improve patient care

Published on April 4, 2019

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  • Siemens Healthineers to manage and optimize Hôpital Foch's imaging platform under a global service level agreement
  • This value partnership goes beyond pure technology management including operational consulting services and training.
  • First order of this kind in France for Siemens Healthineers

Hôpital Foch and Siemens Healthineers enter into a long-term partnership in the field of diagnostic imaging and signed a twelve-year contract. In future, Siemens Healthineers will be responsible for all new and replacement procurement, maintenance and service of the imaging systems for the hospital, regardless of the manufacturer. Strategic and operational consulting services will also be provided. Through this value partnership, the hospital will participate in technological leaps in the future. In the long term, both partners want to ensure high-quality and economical patient care. For Siemens Healthineers, this is the first order of this kind in France.

The Hôpital Foch in Suresnes was founded in 1929 and today belongs to the public hospital group Établissement de santé privé d'intérêt collectif. It is a teaching hospital of the University of Versailles. Hôpital Foch is the largest private university hospital in France with 600 beds.

With Value Partnerships, Siemens Healthineers is offering the French hospital a twelve-year multi-dimensional management contract. The contract will cover all current and future requirements and challenges for the imaging platform in order to guarantee a state-of-the-art service at Hôpital Foch while taking into account the hospital's efficiency goals. The service contract covers 48 devices, including magnetic resonance tomographs, ultrasound equipment and mobile X-ray equipment. In addition to managing and optimizing the Hôpital Foch technical platform, Siemens Healthineers will also offer training and organizational consulting as well as the establishment of scientific partnerships as part of a global service agreement.

“I was impressed by both teams’ determination to work hand in hand and by the quality of their relationship, the objective being to optimize the work carried out by hospital staff and, ultimately, the patient’s care pathway. Our constructive collaboration will allow us to design and roll out solutions meeting the specific needs of the various hospital departments that either use the imaging technical platform themselves or rely on the data that it generates. We are looking forward to seeing just how far this partnership will take us,” said Jacques Léglise, Managing Director of Hôpital Foch.

The agreement includes various partnership projects in clinical, organizational and scientific areas and will focus on new innovations to ensure that Hôpital Foch remains at the forefront, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence. Under the terms of the agreement, Hôpital Foch will develop optimization projects, key performance indicators and tailor-made consulting services. “With Hôpital Foch, we enter for the first time in France a long-term technology partnership in diagnostic imaging. At the same time we are looking forward to leverage this partnership to develop new approaches in AI-based diagnosis and to also engage in transformation services. We also plan to look at other elements of the care pathway, including how clinical decisions will be made based on the data that diagnostic imaging equipment and other medical devices provide. These are elements that we bring to this partnership, with the vision of making our partners successful to provide better healthcare to their patients,” says Bernd Ohnesorge, President of Europe, Middle East and Africa at Siemens Healthineers.

Value Partnerships from Siemens Healthineers focus on building flexible and lasting business relationships that reduce operational complexity through a single point of contact for all medical device related issues and budget safeguards. Value Partnerships enable healthcare providers to increase enterprise value to achieve their immediate and future goals and focus on patient care.

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