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Four Red Dot Awards for Siemens Healthineers Product Design

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Published on April 21, 2018
<p><i>Not for publication in the USA</i></p><ul><li><b>Design concept, formal quality, and functionality were the winning features of the Magnetom Vida MRI scanner, the mammography system Mammomat Revelation, the Cios Spin mobile C-arm<sup>1</sup>, along with the computed tomography scanners in the Somatom go. platform</b></li></ul><p>The judges of the prestigious Red Dot Award have bestowed a number of product design awards on Siemens Healthineers for excellence in design quality. The Magnetom Vida MRI scanner, mammography system Mammomat Revelation, Cios Spin mobile C-arm, along with the Somatom go. platform computed tomography scanners were given the much sought after Red Dot Award for Product Design 2018. This follows last year’s IF Design Award and the German Design Award in 2018. It is further testimony to the excellence behind the new Siemens Healthineers product design – a winning combination of ease of use, highest manufacturing quality, and attractive overall design. The products from Siemens Healthineers are instantly recognizable; the consistent design quality helps improve patient experience during medical examinations, while the innovative operating concepts are helping to transform care delivery.</p><p>“Up to 2.5 billion people come into contact with our systems every year. Our products are the primary ambassadors of the company brand. And our product design serves to underline our goal to help healthcare providers worldwide on their path toward transforming care delivery and improving patient experience. I am delighted to see the Red Dot Jury’s recognition of the excellence our systems deliver in terms of functionality,” commented Bernd Montag, CEO of Siemens Healthineers.</p><p>Siemens Healthineers product design is based on soft shapes conveying an atmosphere of openness and easy access to patients combined with sharply defined technological elements. The products that won the Red Dot Award are prime examples of how intelligent hardware can support communication, user guidance, and automation.</p><p><b>Mobile C-arm with efficient user guidance and comprehensive hygiene concept</b><br>Cios Spin is a state-of-the-art mobile flat detector C-arm for intraoperative 2D and 3D medical imaging. When developing the new C-arm, one of the main aims was to improve user guidance in order to make surgical workflow more efficient, simpler, and safer. Cios Spin is easy to move, and has an impressive integrated design that conveys a sense of lightness. The color-coded axes, ergonomic design, as well as positioning of handles and user interfaces are instrumental in aiding workflows and communication among the surgical team. The detector and X-ray tube assembly are smaller in volume, allowing optimum access to the patient and giving surgeons enough space even for large surgical instruments. Integrated wiring, antimicrobial surfaces, and optimized product design round off the comprehensive healthcare hygiene concept behind the mobile C-arm.</p><p><b>MRI scanner with intuitive user interface and soft flowing design</b><br>The 3-tesla system Magnetom Vida featuring BioMatrix technology is raising the bar for the future of personalized MRI scanning. The powerful and efficient scanner features an intuitive user interface that creates a natural symbiosis between hardware and software to enhance patient and user comfort. Thanks to the integrated Select&amp;GO user interface, for example, the patient can be positioned at the click of a button, while the eDrive feature for the motorized patient table facilitates examinations for adipose patients. The soft shapes and flowing lines give the voluminous Magnetom Vida a compact look, while pleasant moodlight illuminates the front of the unit and the magnet opening, improving the patient experience.</p><p><b>Mammography system makes breast cancer screening more comfortable</b><br>When developing the high-end mammography system Mammomat Revelation, the main goal was to make breast cancer screening more comfortable and help patients overcome their fear of the process. The patient-oriented design of the Mammomat Revelation adds to the overall positive response to the system, while the compression speed can be slowed down to help increase patient trust. Improvements in the scanning process mean that radiology staff can focus fully on the patient. The mammogram is started at the click of a button and automatically continues step by step. The moodlight feature can be set individually, creating a pleasant atmosphere to help put the patient at ease and improve the patient experience.</p><p><b>CT scanner with mobile workflow and closer contact to the patient</b><br>With the Somatom go. platform, Siemens Healthineers sought to make high-quality radiological care accessible to every patient. The four different members of this product family, Somatom go.Now, Somatom go.Up, Somatom go.All, and Somatom go.Top, incorporate countless innovations in the scanning procedures that make CT scans easier and more efficient. A unique approach in CT imaging is the mobile workflow, which is redefining radiological care, enabling the technologist to remain closer to the patient and improving the patient experience from start to finish. Tablet and remote control, integrated patient observation camera, adjustable injector arm, new workplace design with short distances for radiology staff, and automated features such as patient positioning and postprocessing – without the burden of routine tasks, the radiologist can focus fully on the patient.</p><p>The Red Dot Award is one of the biggest design competitions in the world. Every year, this renowned international product design award seeks to find the best products worldwide. In 2018, more than 6,300 products by designers and manufacturers from 59 countries were entered into the competition. A panel of 40 judges evaluated the products according to strict criteria such as degree of innovation, functionality, formal quality, ergonomics, and durability. The award ceremony will be held on July 9, 2018, in Essen.</p><p><a href="/press/media-gallery" class="">Link to the press pictures</a><br></p>

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