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Two Major Trends are Motivating Laboratories Worldwide to Evaluate and Adopt the Atellica Solution

Published on February 6, 2018

LBM Bioesterel in France, Arcispedale S. Maria Nuova in Italy and Friarage Hospital in the United Kingdom are among the first laboratories to install the Atellica® Solution1 immunoassay and clinical chemistry analyzers. The trending motivators for installing the latest innovation from Siemens Healthineers include the unprecedented flexibility to automate redundant and complex procedures to simplify testing workflows and to grow patient testing capacity. This is expected to enable the laboratories to keep up with rising demands and decreasing reimbursement rates—all in an effort to achieve long-term sustainability in a value-based healthcare delivery model.

"Our company is facing a significant reduction in margins due to lower social security payments,” explained Dr. Pierre-Antoine Flé, Associate Director at LBM Bioesterel in France. “In order to limit this impact while increasing our production capacity, our company has chosen the Atellica Solution, which responds particularly to our future needs.”

The Atellica Solution enables healthcare facilities to achieve better outcomes at lower costs by transforming care delivery in the laboratory. With the flexibility to combine up to 10 components into more than 300 customizable configurations, to operate either as a standalone system or connected to Aptio® Automation and to integrate seamlessly with other disciplines in a total laboratory solution, the Atellica Solution offers scalability for long-term growth.

LBM Bioesterel anticipates it will be able to redeploy up to 30 percent of its staff.2 This is because of the ability to manage the configuration with a single operator and because of features such as automatic quality control (QC) and calibration with on-board refrigeration in the Atellica® Sample Handler—an integrated component of the Atellica Solution. Laboratories can program the Atellica Solution to automatically deploy the right materials at the right time to specific analyzers to perform QC and calibration without operator intervention. This function significantly streamlines otherwise complex procedural workflows and lessens hands-on time for the operator, while eliminating unnecessary waste and decreasing the potential for human error.

Friarage Hospital in the United Kingdom, a member of the South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, was drawn to automatic QC and calibration and to other proactive features designed to increase efficiency in the lab.

“We are very pleased with the support and communication from the Siemens Healthineers teams both in setting up the new instrumentation and the handling of verification, validation and global study protocols,” said Karl Hubbert, Services Manager Pathology, at Friarage Hospital. “We are looking forward to reduced maintenance and intervention elements, on-board QC stability and programming of QC intervals, as well as sorting of samples post analytics.”

Designed with algorithms to monitor system operations, the Atellica Solution can automatically initiate alerts and recommendations for corrective actions to maximize workflow. A system check and recovery procedure is included in the daily maintenance and also is available on demand. This feature increases productivity, minimizes downtime, reduces the need for sample reruns and optimizes consumables and reagent usage.

For Dr. Luigi Vecchia, Director of Clinical Chemistry and Endocrinology Laboratory at Arcispedale S. Maria Nuova in Italy, independent sample management and quality control are priorities.

“The Atellica Solution—with its advanced technical features from sample transportation to real prioritization of urgent samples, and from reagent management to calibration and quality control management—takes us to the future of the laboratory. We are proud to be among the first to test it,” said Dr. Vecchia.

The patented, bi-directional, magnetic sample-transport technology and multi-camera vision system for intelligent sample routing provide independent control over every sample, whether routine or STAT (emergency). The immunoassay analyzer uses a dual incubation ring design, rigorous temperature and humidity controls of the reaction environment, powerful magnets for relevant particle separation and robust washing protocols to deliver high throughput, while contributing to rapid and high-precision results.

The Atellica Solution is available for purchase in Europe, the United States, South America, Middle East and Asia.1 Learn how the Atellica Solution can help improve laboratory operations.

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