Telemedicine report: Virtual visits to the doctor

Published on November 20, 2020

Monitoring vital signs, collecting or evaluating diagnostic findings, performing follow-ups – digital concepts for patient care are appearing in more and more areas of application. They provide added value, and not just since COVID-19. 

Spatial separation of physicians and patients is currently one of the most decisive criteria when it comes to reducing the risk of infection and prevention in general. The pressure of the pandemic has probably made telemedical services more socially acceptable than ever before – yet it is already clear that this approach to medical care is more than just a stopgap. The medical journal <i>Forum Sanitas</i> recently published a report on the subject. It not only shows the various types and areas of application of telemedicine and its growing infrastructure, but also provides practical examples of how digital solutions can be a valuable and user-friendly addition to regular care. The degree of individualization of care, and the patient groups that will particularly benefit can be seen, for example, in the monitoring of health status in chronic conditions such as heart failure and respiratory and metabolic diseases.