Siemens Healthineers expands Population Health Management offerings

Published on April 21, 2017
<p>Siemens Healthineers plans to expand its Population Health Management offerings with the acquisition of Medicalis Corporation, headquartered in San Francisco, USA and with offices also in Kitchener, Canada. The company is a leading provider of Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Solutions at the point of order entry, Imaging Workflow (IW) management, and Referral Management (RM). “The addition of Medicalis’ technology solutions to the Siemens Healthineers portfolio supports our offerings in Population Health Management and Value-Based Healthcare, a key priority for our ongoing expansion through our Services business,” says Matthias Platsch, Head of Services at Siemens Healthineers.</p>
<p>Population Health Management is a paradigm shift in healthcare from volume-based to value-based. The essence of PHM is to promote the health of the population as a whole, while optimizing care for the individual patients. At Siemens Healthineers, PHM refers to software, services and solutions which help providers continuously achieve the triple aim to improve the patient’s experience of care, to improve the health of the population and to reduce the per capita cost of healthcare.<br><br>The new offerings will help Siemens Healthineers to enable healthcare providers to effectively bridge between PHM at the health system level and at the departmental level:</p><ul><li>Clinical Decision Support provides the mechanism to check appropriateness of imaging orders and enables healthcare providers to define and evolve their standard of care.</li><li>Imaging Workflow orchestrates the interpreting physician desktop, streamlining workflow, and helping to standardize diagnostic pathways for high-impact disease states.</li><li>Referral Management helps to avoid breaks in care by providing simple appointment scheduling tools, which help a patient to schedule examinations in their network.</li></ul>
Matthias Platsch, Head of Services at Siemens Healthineers
<p>Medicalis provides EMR-integrated, enterprise software designed to tackle the Imaging Service Line’s top workflow challenges. Growth-minded regional Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) utilize the company’s Imaging Workflow, Decision Support and Referral Management solutions to automate and manage workflow resulting in improved physician engagement, clinical collaboration, productivity and patient-centered care.</p>
<p><b>Improving productivity and efficiency</b><br>Healthcare providers today are challenged to make sense of mountains of patient data quickly and accurately to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction. “The acquisition of Medicalis will allow us to offer healthcare providers a powerful solution to define, implement, monitor and evolve their own standard of care for their diagnostic service line,” says Robert Taylor, Head of Population Health Management, Digital Health Services at Siemens Healthineers. “We are excited to support our customers with these innovative tools to remove the variability from key high-impact disease states, to create standardized diagnostic pathways which enhance outcomes, control costs, and when combined with intelligent referral management, improve the patient experience overall.”</p>
Robert Taylor, Head of Population Health Management, Digital Health Services at Siemens Healthineers
<p>“We are eager to be joining Siemens Healthineers and believe this is a strong fit for our company because of our shared values and pioneering heritage,” says Oran Muduroglu, CEO of Medicalis Corporation. <br>&nbsp;</p><p>“With Siemens Healthineers, we will be able to broaden the context of our decision support, workflow and referral management to leverage the full spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic areas in which Siemens Healthineers operates, to address care gaps, streamline workflow, and to help improve the overall experience of healthcare.”</p>
Oran Muduroglu, CEO of Medicalis Corporation.