Laboratory diagnostics

Streamlining Laboratory Services To Do More With Less

Linda Brookes
Published on January 22, 2019
STAT tests should improve the performance of core laboratories by achieving reductions in work time and space.
The Core Laboratory at Hospital Clinic Barcelona in Spain

Improved performance with consolidation

Simultaneous STAT and routine tests

Fast troponin testing crucial

The Atellica IM High-Sensitivity Troponin I (TnIH) Assay provides confidence in results that allow clinicians to effectively triage cardiac patients.
STAT tests and the Atellica Solution have a great impact on a better healthcare workflow.

Laboratory upgrade plans

La Paz Lab with Dr. Buño Soto and his staff.

By Linda Brookes
Linda Brookes is a freelance medical writer and editor based in New York and London with a record of working for a wide range of international clients and publications in the healthcare and pharmaceutical fields.