A Clear View Inside Tiny Hearts

Published on October 5, 2017

Cinematic Rendering can display CT data as vivid three-dimensional images. Cinematic Rendering is available for research on syngo.via.
Frontier and is also commercially available as Cinematic VRT on syngo.via1.

Although Ultrasound is still standard in pediatric cardiology, for complex procedures, though, a Dual Source CT scanner can deliver optimal data with 3D images.
Martin Glöckler, MD, Senior Attending Physician for Pediatric Cardiology, University Hospital Erlangen, Germany
When it comes to congentinal heart disease a 3D reconstruction of child’s heart based on a dual source CT scanner offers advantages.

What advantages does Dual Source CT offer over echocardiography and MRI in pediatric cardiology?

The 3D reconstructions based on CT data allow users to quickly grasp the information visually, and are accessible on any workstation through syngo.via.

For complex surgical procedures in pediatric cardiology 3D images produced with a dual source CT scanner offer great advantages.

You’ve had a SOMATOM Force since 2014. What are the additional advantages of this system?