Multidisciplinary Equipment Usage Bolsters French Private Hospital’s Bottom Line

Matthew Lenson
Published on February 22, 2019
The Artis zee biplane system is used in cardiology and interventional neuroradiology.

The Artis zee biplane system is used by cardiologists and interventional neuroradiologists, which means a quicker return on equity for the hospital.

Having a cooperation including the multidisciplinary system is still unique in France.

Selling it to the business side

Olivier Levrier, MD, Head of Neuroradiology, Clinique Clairval, Marseille, France

Having a human relationship between cardiac interventions and interventional neuroradiology is an important factor.

Sticking to the schedule

Frédéric Collet, MD, Head of Interventional Cardiology, Clinique Clairval, Marseille, France

Having an multidisciplinary system by hand makes the timetable much easier to organize.

Learning from each other

The collaboration across disciplines has led to efficient system utilization and a versatility of the teams.

By Matthew Lenson
Matthew Lenson is an American science and healthcare writer based in Paris.