Reducing scan times in MRI knee examinations

Published on 5. Dezember 2017

Knee examinations are the third most common type of MRI examination, accounting for 11 percent of all scans.2 At present, a standard knee examination can take around 20 minutes. By cutting the scan time in half and reducing routine work for radiology staff, our new application GOKnee3D1 is making a key contribution to boosting MRI productivity. It also helps to reduce patient wait times and improve patient experience during examinations.

With GOKnee3D1, a high-resolution, diagnostic 3D knee exam can be acquired in 10 minutes3. The acquisition of high-resolution isotropic 3D images subsequently allows flexible evaluation of the images in all possible planes including double oblique and curved planar.

The innovative volume acquisition is based on a CAIPIRINHA SPACE protocol1, which enables higher scan speeds and optimal image reconstruction with better signal quality than with previous technologies. To develop and clinically validate the technique, Siemens Healthineers partnered with Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA.