Delivering on the Promise of Healthcare Innovation

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Peter Jaret
Published on November 13, 2018

Rasu Shrestha seated at office table
Rasu Shrestha gesturing with hand
Rasu Shrestha on empathy as the starting point
Utilizing data can help physicians make the right decision.
“We have a lot of data out there that could help a doctor decide when imaging is appropriate and necessary and when it’s not. We need better ways to make that data quickly and easily accessible.”
Keeping people well is one of the main goals of Rasu Shrestha.
“Healthcare will be more pervasive in people’s lives because it will be focused on keeping people within the magic circle of wellness, not just treating them when they’re sick.”
Rasu Shrestha with hands folded
Rasu Shrestha on healthcare that focuses on thriving instead of merely surviving

Rasu Shrestha gesturing with hands
Rasu Shrestha on augmented intelligence

Rasu Shrestha seated at office table
Rasu Shrestha on the patient’s circle of trust
Rasu Shrestha, MD, MBA, is Chief Innovation Officer of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)

By Peter Jaret
Peter Jaret is a frequent contributor to the New York Times and other publications. He is the author of several books, including Nurse: A World of Care (Emory Press) and Impact: From the Frontlines of Global Health (National Geographic).