Digitalization: More Courage to Innovate

Moritz Gathmann
Published on July 4, 2018
Jens Spahn, German Federal Minister of Health, spoke about digitalization and artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Jens Spahn, German Federal Minister of Health

Erwin Böttinger introduced a smartphone app that gives patients access to their medical data.

The “health cloud”

Erwin Böttinger, Professor for Digital Health and Personalized Medicine at the Hasso-Plattner-Institute, Potsdam

Annette Grüters-Kieslich discussed the populations’ requests when digitalizing healthcare.

Annette Grüters-Kieslich, Chairwoman of the Board of Heidelberg University Hospital

Neuroscientist Martin Hirsch is a leader in the field of digitalizing healthcare.

The correct diagnosis thanks to symptom analysis

Martin Hirsch, founder of ADA Health GmbH

Friedrich von Bohlen fears a brain drain regarding healthcare digitalization.

Friedrich von Bohlen, Managing Director, Molecular Health GmbH

We want to seize the opportunities of healthcare digitalization.

Medicine as a key sector in Germany

Bernd Montag, CEO, Siemens Healthineers

Users as the most important driver

Frank Ulrich Montgomery wants to drive digitalization in healthcare.

End to the power dispute

Frank Ulrich Montgomery, President of the German Medical Association

Markus Müschenich is Chairman of the German federal association of internet medicine.

Markus Müschenich, co-founder of Flying Health Incubators, Berlin, and Chairman of the German federal association of internet medicine

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By Moritz Gathmann
Moritz Gathmann is a freelance journalist in Berlin. He reports for magazines and newspapers, including Spiegel and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.