The effects of decentralization in times of pandemic

The pandemic continues to remind us of how truly connected we are. In the United States, the arrival of COVID-19, first on the East Coast, made it possible for the West Coast to better prepare through an effective information network. 

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Published on September 1, 2020

Hear an expert sharing his experiences throughout the pandemic from his Los Angeles hospital, and how the disruption of elective procedures has been managed.

Christoph Zindel

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COVID-19: How Decentralization Can Improve Healthcare with Dieter R. Enzmann, MD | Christoph Zinde‪l‬‬‬‬‬
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As the COVID-19 pandemic has made its way across the globe, it has brought with it lessons the medical community continues to learn daily. The shared experience in hospitals across the globe has opened lines of communication and collaboration that have been strengthened. The early arrival of COVID-19 on the East Coast of the United States allowed the West Coast to be more prepared through an effective information network. It has reminded us of how connected we truly are.