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Bringing Healthcare to the Patient

Erika Claessens
Published on February 28, 2018
AMC was the first hospital in the world with CT Sliding Gantry and having a Dual Source CT nearby improves the patient care.

From trauma bay to imaging

The AMC was the first hospital in the world to possess a two-room emergency setup with sliding gantry CT.

The Academic Medical Center

Life-saving efficiency

The CT Sliding Gantry is a two-room solution which betters patient care and patient outcome.

A pit stop for all patients

The view into the twin emergency room and its sliding gantry CT from the control room.

Feet first

No time to waste

A twin emergency room


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By Erika Claessens
Erika Claessens has contributed as a journalist and editor to numerous print and online publications in both Belgium and the Netherlands. Her main topics are entrepreneurial innovation and technology as well as healthcare. She is based in Antwerp, Belgium.