X-rays in Oncology

Published on February 20, 2020
Organs at Risk Auto contouring for radiotherapy treatment planning
<p>From its early days, X-rays were also used in therapy. Our dossier on 125 years of X-rays in February explains how these methods have evolved over the decades and what role Siemens Healthineers has played in the past and still plays today. Read more in our dossier below.</p>
<p>Chi Mei Medical Center in Tainan, Taiwan, uses a hybrid operating room equipped with a robotic imaging system for complex lung cancer surgeries.<br></p>
125 years oncology hybrid approach in asia
<p>Just three weeks after the discovery of X-rays, the Hungarian pathologist Endre Högyes wrote: “There is no doubt that in addition to their chemical effect, the rays are also biologically active, and will one day play a therapeutic role in medicine.” Read how their role in therapy evolved in the past 125 years.<br></p>
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