Value Partnerships Portfolio Modules - Operations Management

Operations ManagementOptimizing clinical workflows through management of holistic clinical processes.


Siemens Healthineers Value Partnerships module Operations Management

Operations Management creates efficient workflows through management of clinical processes including staff education and provision. We create value for you by increasing workforce productivity through education programs and entrustment of designated operations.

Optimizing your operations management with an end-to-end solution from a trusted Value Partner

Operations Management - Technology Provision

Technology provision

- Multi-vendor technology provision
- Technology management
- Procurement and replacement
- Maintenance and upgrades
- Digital platforms
Operations Management - Clinical Operations Management

Clinical operations management

- Integrated staffing solutions
- Tailored education programs
- Telemedical solutions
- Quality management
- KPI-monitoring
- Warehouse and supply chain management
Operations Management - Project Management

Project management

- Foresee and manage upcoming challenges
- Risk mitigation strategies
Smooth project delivery while staying flexible
- Global network of professional project teams
- Certified project managers
- Years of experience and knowledge of local challenges and healthcare demands
Operations Management - Facility Planning and Construction

Facility planning and construction

- Master design and layout planning
- 3D-visualization and workflow simulation
- Green field building construction
- Integration >in existing hospital
Operations Management - Budgeting and FInance

Budgeting and financing

- Demand and capacity analysis
- Long-term business plan
- Customer orientated financing solution

Enable increased staff engagement and satisfaction through long-term customized education programs

Benefit from a single point of contact

We utilize the Value Partnerships framework to provide you with a competent resource onsite, functioning as the central point of contact regarding all technology, process and operations management related topics. A dedicated (team of) operations manager is expected to take care of below listed administrative tasks to further reduce operational complexity and freeing up time for your core tasks to optimize patient care:

  • Structuring and deploying a Value Partnerships call center and technology management system.
  • Provision of onsite management, administration and support to enable a smooth service delivery throughout the partnership duration.
  • Driving all activities, related to selecting new technology within the partnership scope, and according to the agreed technology roadmap.
  • Purchasing new technology and taking care of appropriate maintenance contracts.
  • Provision of technology-related building layout expertise to enable required design adjustments and works to be completed without interruption to the clinical service.
  • Coordination of technology installation, testing and commissioning, including management of user acceptance and clinical use.
  • Execution of on-going maintenance activities and service optimization to ensure technology uptime and high user satisfaction.


Maximize staff engagement and clinical productivity with an on-site, licensed and highly skilled technologist.1

How do you raise clinical staff engagement? With another pair of hands: vendor-trained and ready to go.

A best-in-class solution, FlexForceTM Tech1 from Siemens Healthineers can help your clinical staff to more efficiently deliver patient care—while helping you meet organizational needs for scalability, productivity, and quality without sacrifice.

Count on our proactive risk management expertise as an integral part of successful project management.

Proactive Risk Management is a key component of the project and operational delivery of our Value Partnerships around the world. Based on our global and long-standing experience in engaging in Value Partnerships with you, our customers, we have gathered extensive expertise in applying risk and issue management as a fundamental component of successful project management and service delivery.

The principles derived from this experience are a fundamental basis of the planning and implementation of Value Partnerships globally. Furthermore, comprehensive end-to-end risk management is an essential part to ensure operational excellence throughout the whole lifecycle of our Value Partnerships ensure high satisfaction of all stakeholders involved:

  • Our project and operations managers are and will be continuously trained in proactive risk management.
  • We provide support in management of healthcare providers risks in the planning and implementation of our Value Partnerships, e.g. on optimal room layout and workflow adaption, regular licensing and certification, or training attendance.
  • We provide, in some instances, a share of technology purchasing risk from both a maintenance and technology selection and procurement perspective.

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Siemens Healthineers Ankara City Hospital Builiding

The customer:
Ankara City, Hospital, Bilkent, Turkey

  • 3,800 beds
  • 30,000 outpatients per day
  • One of the world´s largest single-stage hospitals
  • 1,300,000 m2 total closed area
  • Turkey’s largest laboratory

The challenge:

  • Improve patient outcomes: Provide efficient and reliable clinical laboratory services for high-quality health care
  • Optimize clinical processes: Enhance clinical workflows through process standardization and automation
  • Drive workforce excellence: Ensure high patient care through continuous quality management and training

The solution:

  • 5-year Value Partnership for Operations Management including provision of laboratory layout design, diagnostic equipment, automation technology, service and maintenance.
  • Innovative, multi-vendor laboratory technology to cover all medical laboratory disciplines (Biochemistry, Microbiology, Tuberculosis Lab, Genetics, Pathology and multiple other specialties).
  • Procurement, staff training, quality management, operational experts and continuous process optimization as key value-added services.

The value contribution:

  • >100,000 tests per day enabled by process efficiency gains

  • Broadest available range of laboratory tests in Turkey

  • Highly automated and innovative laboratory services

Customer Voice

See how our partner Hakan Adanalı, Director of Clinical Support Services, CCN summarizes the partnership:

“It was important for us to have a partner that not only came with enough experience in the hospital environment, but also was strong on technical innovation.”

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