Safe Harbour Statement

<p>This presentation has been prepared solely for use at this meeting. This material is given in conjunction with an oral presentation and should not be taken out of context. By attending the meeting where this presentation is held or accessing this presentation, you agree to be bound by the following limitations.&nbsp;</p><p>This presentation has been prepared for information purposes only and the information contained herein (unless otherwise indicated) has been provided by Siemens Healthineers AG. It does not constitute or form part of, and should not be construed as, an offer of, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or an invitation to subscribe for, underwrite or otherwise acquire, any securities of Siemens Healthineers AG or any existing or future member of the Siemens Healthineers Group (the “Group”) or Siemens AG, nor should it or any part of it form the basis of, or be relied on in connection with, any contract to purchase or subscribe for any securities of Siemens Healthineers AG, any member of the Group or Siemens AG or with any other contract or commitment whatsoever. This presentation does not constitute a prospectus in whole or in part, and any decision to invest in securities should be made solely on the basis of the information to be contained in a prospectus and on an independent analysis of the information contained therein.&nbsp;</p><p>Any assumptions, views or opinions (including statements, projections, forecasts or other forward-looking statements) contained in this presentation represent the assumptions, views or opinions of Siemens Healthineers AG, unless otherwise indicated, as of the date indicated and are subject to change without notice.&nbsp;</p><p>Siemens Healthineers neither intends, nor assumes any obligation, unless required by law, to update or revise these assumptions, views or opinions in light of developments which differ from those anticipated. All information not separately sourced is from internal company data and estimates. Any data relating to past performance contained herein is no indication as to future performance. The information in this presentation is not intended to predict actual results, and no assurances are given with respect thereto.&nbsp;</p><p>The information contained in this presentation has not been independently verified, and no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to the fairness, accuracy, completeness or correctness of the information contained herein and no reliance should be placed on it. None of Siemens Healthineers AG or any of its affiliates, advisers, affiliated persons or any other person accept any liability for any loss howsoever arising (in negligence or otherwise), directly or indirectly, from this presentation or its contents or otherwise arising in connection with this presentation. This shall not, however, restrict or exclude or limit any duty or liability to a person under any applicable law or regulation of any jurisdiction which may not lawfully be disclaimed (including in relation to fraudulent misrepresentation).&nbsp;</p><p>This document contains statements related to our future business and financial performance and future events or developments involving Siemens Healthineers that may constitute forward-looking statements. These statements may be identified by words such as “expect”, “forecast”, “anticipate”, “intend”, “plan”, “believe”, “seek”, “estimate”, “will”, “target” or words of similar meaning. We may also make forward-looking statements in other reports, in presentations, in material delivered to shareholders and in press releases. In addition, our representatives may from time to time make oral forward-looking statements. Such statements are based on the current expectations, plans and certain assumptions of Siemens Healthineers’ management, of which many are beyond Siemens Healthineers’ control. As they relate to future events or developments, these statements are subject to a number of risks, uncertainties and factors, including, but not limited to those possibly described in the respective disclosures. Should one or more of these or other risks, uncertainties or factors (e.g. events of force majeure, including but not limited to unrest, acts of war, pandemics or acts of God) materialize, plans change or should underlying expectations not occur or assumptions prove incorrect, Siemens Healthineers' management actions, actual results, performance or achievements of Siemens Healthineers may (negatively or positively) vary materially from those described explicitly or implicitly in the forward-looking statement.&nbsp;</p><p>This document includes supplemental financial measures that are or may be alternative performance measures not precisely defined in the applicable financial reporting framework (non-GAAP measures). These supplemental financial measures may have limitations as analytical tools and should not be viewed in isolation or as alternatives to measures of Siemens Healthineers’ net assets and financial positions or results of operations as presented in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework. Other companies that report or describe similarly titled alternative performance measures may calculate them differently, and therefore they may not be comparable to those included in this document.&nbsp;</p><p>Please find further explanations regarding our (supplemental) financial measures in chapter “A.2 Financial performance system“ and in the Notes to consolidated financial statements, Note 30 “Segment information“ of the Annual Report 2023 of Siemens Healthineers. Additional information is also included in the Quarterly Statements and in the Half-Year Financial Report 2023. These documents can be found under the following internet link <a href="/investor-relations/presentations-financial-publications"></a></p><p>Due to rounding, individual numbers presented throughout this, and other documents may not add up precisely to the totals provided and percentages may not precisely reflect the absolute figures to which they refer. For technical reasons, there may be differences in formatting between the accounting records appearing in this document and those published pursuant to legal requirements.&nbsp;</p><p>This document is an English language translation of the German document. In case of discrepancies, the German language document is the sole authoritative and universally valid version.&nbsp;</p><p>The information contained in this presentation is provided as of the date of this presentation and is subject to change without notice.&nbsp;</p><p>In the event that the male form is used in this document, the information nevertheless refers to all persons (male, female, non-binary).</p>