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Learn how we embrace lifelong learning and growth for Healthineers in a supportive environment
We believe breakthroughs are the result of a concerted team effort, with every Healthineer playing a vital role. We foster a culture that is inclusive, curious, committed to ongoing learning, and promotes open dialogue and feedback.

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We are lifelong learners

We want Healthineers to make a difference and become the best versions of themselves. Growth is more than just tasks and roles; it's about expanding knowledge, honing strengths, learning from mistakes, and making an impact. To support this, we provide on-demand learning for flexible, self-paced education. Our curated learning paths and instructor-led offerings provide structured, interactive learning experiences, reflecting our dedication to fostering a diverse, lifelong learning culture where everyone can make a difference.
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We foster a learning community

At Siemens Healthineers, we're a community that thrives on learning and growing together. We value the different perspectives we each bring to the table and are always eager to learn from each other. Collaboration is key; we work across various areas, using our strengths to get things done. It's all about making real connections and working together to achieve our goals.

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<p>"We have so many resources available to us, whether it be our trainings or our online systems. The wealth of knowledge here at the company is just so vast that there's always going to be somebody that can help."</p><p>Chris Lusardi, Mgr, Product Support Engineering Hardware, Product Life Cycle Services</p>
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