The MAX effect
Where gains multiply

MAX effect
The MAX effect
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As healthcare providers are forced to do more with less, they have to run their radiology more efficiently. Combine two or more MAX systems1 - and experience the MAX effect: unique standardization across your fleet that lets you save both time and costs and ultimately boosts your level of satisfaction.

A unique portfolio of medical X-ray equipment covering the broadest range of applications. MAX systems support you in increasing outcomes and reducing costs with your radiography and fluoroscopy equipment.

Ysio Max

Ysio Max

  • High-end digital X-ray machine
  • High-speed automated system positioning
  • Up to 4 detectors2
  • The MAX effect - Where gains multiply
Multitom Rax

Multitom Rax

  • Unique Twin Robotic X-ray scanner
  • Multitude of clinical applications in one room
  • Unique natural Real 3D images2
Lumios Agile Max

Luminos Agile Max

  • High-end digital patient-side fluoroscopy system
  • Dynamic flat detector
  • Dual-use for full radiographic capabilities with fully integrated 2nd plane2
  • The MAX effect - Where gains multiply
Luminos dRF Max

Luminos dRF Max

  • High-end digital 2-in-1 system for fluoroscopic radiographic exams
  • Wireless detectors2 and ceiling-suspended X-ray tube option
  • The MAX effect - Where gains multiply
Mobilett Elara Max

Mobilett Elara Max

  • High-end mobile X-ray machine
  • Digital system with wireless detector
  • The MAX effect - Where gains multiply
Multix Fusion Max

Multix Fusion Max

  • Ceiling-mounted digital X-ray machine
  • Economical and high quality
  • Flexible system configuration
  • The MAX-effect - Where gains multiply

MAX effect - Benefits


Standardize your work routine and your image impression according to your requirements and preferences with one MAX platform across your organization. Achieve the same high-quality results throughout sites, rooms, and personnel. That means faster working and fewer mistakes. Resulting in better outcomes at lower costs.


Discover the smart way to save with the MAX effect: Save investment costs thanks to detector swapping, reduce the number of rooms required with More-in-1 MAX systems, and keep staff training to a minimum thanks to one usability.

  • Save on time and costs with MAXswap
  • Savings on room, product and service costs
  • Savings on examination time
  • Savings on training costs 


Increase the satisfaction of all your customer's stakeholders - patients, staff, radiologists, referring physicians, and finance and management.

  • Grow with your needs- High future-proof flexibility
  • Image your patients safely- Safety-oriented design- Technologies and techniques that improve image quality while also reducing dose
  • Attract and keep good staff- Reduce physical stress with ergonomic settings, automation and more
  • High diagnostic accuracy at lower costs- For consistent high-quality care and enhanced reputation

DiamondView Max

One image processing engine

  • MAX image quality for diagnosis
  • Improved and quicker workflow
  • Shorter staff training
  • Up to 50 %3 less dose for chest radiography
Pediatric imaging

Optimized pediatric image quality with DiamondView MAX

DiamondView MAX optimizes the image quality of pediatric images when a copper filter is used to reduce patient dose.
metal implants

Excellent handling of metal implants with DiamondView MAX

Excellent dynamic range over entire humerus with optimal density around metal implant.
Reduced radiation dose

Reduced radiation dose with DiamondView MAX

Get MAX image quality at up to 50% less dose3.
long-image results

MAX results for long images with DiamondView MAX

Great long-image results with the integrated DiamondView MAX for all your patients.

Cyber Security

The MAX offerings for a high cybersecurity standard

Secure Development LifecycleAdvanced security package
 - Secure Coding & Testing - Role-based access control
 - Vulnerability Scanning - Centralized access role management
 - Penetration Testing - Audit trail
Whitelisting - DICOM encryption
90-days security fixesHardware security package

Encrypted data storage and

 - Lock to generator cabinet
Transfer - Hardware port covers for syngo FLC


Children are not small adults – they suffer from different types of disease than adults, they demonstrate a different physiology as well as behaviour. We support you to solve the typical challenges of pediatric imaging.

Balancing image quality and dose reduction:

  • Parameter adjustments - Predefined organ programs (OGPs) for different pediatric patients
  • Safety alerts - Right dose principles
  • Balance - Balancing lowest possible dose and high image quality
  • Transparency - Clear view of applied radiation and dose outliers (teamplay Dose)

Providing safe and efficient exams

  • 5 step exams
  • Pediatric patient accessories
  • MAX mini2 - the right detector size in pediatric X-ray
  • Multipurpose/Ortho stand2

Improving the experience of pediatric patients and their families

  • Smart and child-friendly system design and environment
  • Higher patient comfort 

1MAX systems are not commercially available in all countries.
Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers organization for further details.


3Data on file. Thorax phantom images taken with Ysio MAX. The claim is based on limited thorax phantom images. Valid for average and obese adults for chest radiography.


The statements by Siemens Healthineers customers described herein are based on results that were achieved in the customer’s unique setting. Since there is no “typical” hospital and many variables exist (e.g., hospital size, case mix, level of IT adoption), there can be no guarantee that other customers will achieve the same results.