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ecolineRefurbished. Sustainable. As good as new.

Take it from us – literally. As a leading medical imaging company, you can expect exceptional performance, inventiveness, and quality from our products. We of course, extend this promise as well to our refurbished systems: not only do we follow externally certified processes, but moreover, the pre-owned systems and components undergo a rigorous 5-step Quality Process – ensuring that your ecoline device is as good as new. Investing in ecoline gives systems and materials a second life, saving precious resources. Discover the effort and expertise that we put into your ecoline system and foster a circular economy with us.

Benefits - Three reasons to decide for ecoline today

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Can you spot the difference between ecoline and a new device? We bet you can’t. ecoline systems look and perform just like new ones, because they are processed like new systems – except they are made using refurbished components from pre-owned units. ecoline systems are built by the same teams in the same factories as all our new medical imaging products. The processes are ISO 13485 certified, but moreover devices and components undergo a rigorous 5-step Quality Process to ensure high quality refurbishment. Plus, you can configure your ecoline system to your needs, later using Options & Upgrades to prolong the life span once more. This is why ecoline systems are as good as new and come with a Proven Excellence label.

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ecoline is a clever investment. And here’s why: by deciding on ecoline, you open yourself up to increased financial flexibility, without compromising on state-of-the-art equipment. Moreover, when extending or building your fleet with ecoline systems, you may be able to run your business at higher profitability due to lower investment costs. And with Siemens Healthineers as a partner, you profit from our technologies and access to our vast ecosystem of solutions – all at affordable prices.

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With ecoline, you contribute to a circular economy in healthcare and to the sustainability of our planet. By deciding on ecoline, you save precious raw materials and bring valuable resources into reuse. You also help reducing waste and minimizing CO2 emission. Giving technology a second life to foster access to care is our mission – join the cause, today.

Our 5-step Quality Process

To ensure high quality refurbishment, devices and components undergo a rigorous 5-step Quality Process. Click on the “+” signs to get more information.

We apply a sophisticated

selection process

We de-install the system carefully

We make sure that your ecoline system is as good as new

We install the ecoline system with care

We offer the same services

for ecoline as for a new system

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