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Assessing Tumor Burden, Automatically

Elba Etchebehere, MD, and Mariana Camacho collaborate and review patient data.

Reinaldo José Lopes
Published on June 21, 2018
Siemens Healthineers’ syngo®.via and its Multi-foci Segmentation (MFS) tool make a huge difference when assessing tumor burden in a patient.

Etchebehere, MD, prepares for a busy day ahead at her nuclear medicine clinic in Campinas, Brazil.

Prognostic power

Multi-foci Segmentation makes a huge difference, in terms of workflow, for assessing patients with widespread tumors.

Enhanced workflow

Etchebehere, MD, andswers last-minute questions before the start of a scan.

As good as gold—or better

“When you’re collaborating with other doctors, the best thing about the Multi-foci Segmentation tool is its potential for reproducibility,” Etchebehere argues
Etchebehere, MD, answers last-minute questions before the start of a scan.

By Reinaldo José Lopes
Reinaldo José Lopes is a science and health writer at Folha de S. Paulo, Brazil’s leading daily newspaper, and is the author of several books.